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The All-in-one READ ME FIRST Topic. - SoulRiser - 11-22-2009 10:16 AM

RIP School Survival Forums

These forums are now permanently closed. They are still readable for educational purposes.

Original post follows below:

Welcome to School Survival! Pirate

Please make sure you're familiar with the rules. Smile

Basic stuff everyone should know:

  1. You're welcome to swear on these forums, there's no need to censor yourself.
  2. We try to be pretty open-minded - feel free to talk about anything... science, unicorns, cupcakes, we don't mind.
  3. Feel free to introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum!
  4. Don't like someone's posts? Use the ignore function to make them disappear!

Notable topics you might want to check out:

Some personality tests - it's interesting to see what personality types most of the members here are (types that are more rare compared to the general population).

For the sections below, press the 'Show' button to display the text.

Some tips:

Hidden stuff:

If you want to know how to do something on the forum, check the forum help section first, and if that doesn't answer your question, you can check or ask in here.

How to post Videos:
Read this guide: The Definitive Guide to YouTube Embeds

If you don't want people (parents/teachers/friends/anyone) to know you're on this forum, take steps to prevent them from finding out!

Don't take people's user titles seriously. Some people put "Admin" or "Moderator" in there when they aren't actually a moderator or an admin. It's not a big deal, but it has confused a few people before. Razz

Changing your username:

You can change your name anytime you want by editing your profile. Just keep in mind if you've made a few posts already you will most likely confuse everyone who was used to your old name, so it'd be nice if you could keep your old name in your signature until everyone adjusts Razz

Deleting Posts and Accounts

Hidden stuff:

You can edit your own posts anytime you want. But keep in mind that this is the internet and that you shouldn't post anything here that you might regret later. There is no "panic button" - we will not mass delete all your posts or your account for you if you decide you want to disappear without a trace for whatever reason (because it messes up the conversations on the forum). So, THINK before you post. And if you make a mistake, feel free to go and edit it yourself.

How to get to the Frag Arena and Random forums
(Not recommended - there be crazy things down there)

Hidden stuff:
You will need to join the special usergroup called Basement Visitors to be able to view the Frag Arena and Random. You can leave that usergroup at any time and you will no longer be able to see the Frag Arena or Random.

The All-in-one READ ME FIRST Topic. - Ky - 06-20-2014 02:37 AM

If you want to discuss this, please do so in the discussion thread.

Again, the rules can be found here.

We now have an official subreddit!

Additional Guidelines

Note: These are not rules, but are very important regardless.

1. Follow the rules. Please. We don't have very many of them, after all.
2. Please avoid making low effort/quality posts unless the thread/subforum is dedicated to such posts. We're dedicated to discussion and support, not to memes.
3. Please don't scare away new users. We may promote free speech, but we don't promote saying things that make people feel like never coming back.
4. Please read the contents of this thread very carefully. It was written for a reason.
5. Pictures of scantily-clad people or other sexually charged images are strongly discouraged in public subforums, even if they do not violate the no pornography rule.
6. Most importantly, don't be a jerk.

Stay Posted
SoulRiser and her team of moderators will update this topic with information new users need to know as it becomes available.