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The tale of Xcity - Chanku - 08-30-2014 10:12 AM

Alright so I played Micropolis again. This is a simple tale of what happened.

I started the game in a nice map and stuff, easy mode(as I had previously played a map on hard mode and entered a death spiral, to which the city was ultimately unable to continue functioning and without money I was unable to continue development to gain more money). First the design of the city wasn't very good, and I ended up setting up a nuclear power plant after a little bit. After a bit, due to crowding, I ended up moving all the industrial and commercial zones out of the way, and placed several residential zones.

Years passed and the first natural disaster that really damaged my city occurred, an earthquake, I couldn't really get out firefighters and stuff, but after a while it stopped. I rebuilt in some areas and I ended up having to rebuild several zones. After about 100-200 years(so around 2200 CE), trouble began, Xcity began to loose residents and money, However I had been able to slightly fix it,. I began to get back up in the 1000s in my funds so I began to look where I could build. I noticed two residential zones were declining, and I decided to remove them, this is where I messed up. After removing them several other residential zones seemed to be affected, and I was afraid I was entering a death spiral, much like I did with the previous, unnamed city. My first act was to remove the transit system and use mainly second mistake, it increased the traffic and decreased the population.

This is where I am now, trying to figure out how to fix my fuck up, and restore Xcity to it's former glory.

(I may update this at a later point and time)