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Unturned Guide - Chanku - 07-21-2014 09:47 AM

I've been playing Unturned for a bit, and the game is rather difficult on the default setting(which is Normal), at least for me. If you don't know what Unturned is look in the Hidden tags below.

Hidden stuff:

Unturned is a Free to Play Zombie Survival game made by a 16 year old. It is available on Steam and isn't a very large download. You can buy gold, but it doesn't offer much, except for more faces, access to gold servers(which gives you a gold outfit, and on a gold world you do start out with a few things on Gold worlds/servers. Although you don't have to buy it). The game itself is in Alpha and is getting updates, usually an update occurs at least once every day.

Here is a simple list of tips and things you should and shouldn't to.
    Things you should do:
  • Increase your skills, especially the Marksman, Survival, and Warrior skills at the most priority, with second priority's being crafting and endurance
  • Find a Katana as this weapon is great against Zombies, although a Golf Club is the next best and the machete third and any other knife last.
  • Get a backpack as soon as you can, these increase your inventory slots.
  • Get a canteen as soon as you can, this is so you won't die from thirst

    Things you shouldn't do:
  • Don't try and punch Zombies out, you will die more than likely, if you must train them and punch then slowly
  • Don't use guns a lot, you will run out of ammo and you may eventually have a horde on you.
  • Don't Horde everything you get
  • Don't Log out if you die, if you do log out all your items will be lost as the dropped items reset upon world exit, so try and collect any dropped items you want to have still upon logging out

    General Tips and Information:
  • The Axe, Fire axe, Chainsaw, and pickaxe are used for gathering material.
  • Pocket Knives and Handsaws are used for crafting so get these when you get a chance
  • If you hit the head you will do more damage then if you hit elsewhere
  • When you have your fists Left and Right click control the two different hands
  • When you have a gun Right Click(on a traditional set-up) will allow you to Aim Down Sights and left click shoots.
  • If you are using a melee weapon left click is normal attack and the right click is a powered attack however that attack does use energy.
  • Jumping uses energy
  • Use the Wiki, especially for crafting
  • Try and build a house quickly
  • If you can't find a Canteen you can make one.

Links to everything(in-case you happened to miss them):
Hidden stuff: