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Graphing calculators - MiaFarrow - 02-14-2014 04:27 AM

I'm starting college next year, and I'm already preparing for it Biggrin

I was wondering if graphing calculators are allowed on colleges, 'cause I was thinking of getting one.

I would also be very grateful if anyone could tell me what should I look for when buying a graphing calculator, 'cause I've read this article about it, but some additional info, a bit more specific, would be much appreciated.

Thanks Smile

RE: Graphing calculators - xcriteria - 02-14-2014 04:41 AM

Which calculator did you choose? And, what are you majoring in?

Graphing calculators - brainiac3397 - 02-14-2014 05:08 AM

My math professor didn't let us use a calculator, but then again I was in a class to you take before taking pre-calculus(my math in high school had gone down due to issues I had with the teacher).

Generally it's understood that you'll usually need a graphic calculator in college for most maths and possibly sciences. I'll probably be using either a TI-84 or TI-Nspire. Other than those two, I don't really know much about graphic calculators(Why should I? The people who make the calculator also make the electronic chips placed into guided missiles. If the US military trusts their technology to help blow people up...I guess their calculators can be reliable!)

Graphing calculators - James Comey - 02-14-2014 10:51 AM

Trying to get more links. A blog about calculators.

At least the English skills are good with this one.

Graphing calculators - brainiac3397 - 02-14-2014 11:40 AM

Never checked the link.

Graphing calculators - James Comey - 02-14-2014 11:53 AM

It's a blog about reviewing calculators.

No wonder they're desperate for views.

Graphing calculators - sswbm - 09-29-2014 02:37 AM

Whatever calculator you buy, DO NOT BUY A CALCULATOR FROM TEXAS INSTRUMENTS. It's the biggest ripoff ever.

And if your "school" allows it, you can use your phone. There are a few graphing calculator apps in the iOS App Store. Don't know about Android. Note that on 99% of exams, phones aren't allowed, so in the end you'll always have to buy a graphing calculator. Just make sure it isn't one from Texas Instruments.

EDIT: Or buy a second hand Texas Instruments calculator.

Graphing calculators - brainiac3397 - 09-29-2014 08:05 AM

Plz buy Texas Instruments to help fund the manufacturing of missile guidance systems to bomb terrorists.

Graphing calculators - Missile - 09-30-2014 07:22 AM

Are you talking about those Texas Interments calculators? We use them at my school, you can also put letters in them and I got one that said "Shrek is love, Shrek is life, prepare yo anus, Shrek is coming for you"

Graphing calculators - brainiac3397 - 09-30-2014 08:10 AM

My friend gave me his TI-84 when he bought the new TI-Inspire. He didn't give it to his siblings cuz they got the fancy new one as well.

fine by me. I find the older one easier to use simply due to experience using it. The new one is damn confusing at the moment.

RE: Graphing calculators - Night - 09-30-2014 10:12 AM

A TI-83 or TI-84 is required for my class.

I got a TI-83 "Plus"
It was about $120

Graphing calculators - brainiac3397 - 09-30-2014 10:42 AM

might as well paid a bit more and got the latest device.

RE: Graphing calculators - thewake - 10-01-2014 01:48 PM

Get a TI-83 or 84 or something similar. You won't need anything more.

Graphing calculators - sswbm - 10-02-2014 01:24 AM

I now use this app:

There's a free version too (less features, advertisements):

Way better then the Texas Instruments 84 Plus I got from my parents (Will still need it for exam, because they'll probably steal my phone).


This schoolmaths cheating app is really useful too:

Great for homework, and if the teachers barely pay any attention, you might even be able to use it during a test.

RE: Graphing calculators - brainiac3397 - 10-02-2014 02:51 PM

Don't see what's wrong with the TI84.

And another thing about the one my friend gave me is that he got some games on it. Just some basic puzzle stuff, but surely helps kill time.

Graphing calculators - Ky - 10-03-2014 01:51 AM

I can attest to the reliability of the TI-84 model. I used it all throughout high school, and in more than one case it may have made the difference between a failing F and a barely passing D. It was pretty expensive, but continued use has redeemed its value.

RE: Graphing calculators - Missile - 10-05-2014 08:03 AM

I prefer the 1996 Texas Insterments TI-83 calculators

RE: Graphing calculators - Sociopath - 02-12-2015 09:31 AM

I use a Ti-84 and I've never had any problem with it.

Graphing calculators - brainiac3397 - 02-12-2015 12:51 PM

Buy TI and support the troops!

Graphing calculators - Missile - 02-12-2015 12:58 PM

Support the T.I. Bill

Graphing calculators - brainiac3397 - 02-12-2015 01:49 PM

I wonder how many people are aware that TI also makes the guidance systems for missiles and bombs...

Graphing calculators - Missile - 02-12-2015 01:57 PM

If Texas Insturments can make decent calculators, I guess their smart bombs must be high-quality as well

Graphing calculators - brainiac3397 - 02-12-2015 02:24 PM

Getting a government contract ain't an easy thing.