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Oh noez again D= - Freak - 01-17-2009 02:21 PM

Part I:
[9:58:58 PM] Amber says: IN an extended essay (paragraph, body, conclusion) discuss what you have learned about what it means to be an "American" this semester. In the response, you should explain the American Identity-- its original and its complexities-- and you should cite examples from three of the following authors' life works to reveal the different aspects of what it means to be an American:
[9:59:02 PM] Amber says: Capt John Smith
[10:00:02 PM] Amber says: Anne Bradstreet, William Bradford, Benjamin Franklin, Cotton Mather, de Crevecoeur, Thomas Pain, Phyllis Wheatley, Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe, William Cullen Bryant

Part II:
And then another paragraph: I have to choose a character and explain hoe he or she fits the definition of the "American Misfit" and then discuss what the American misfit is and what role he or she plays in society
[10:02:35 PM] Amber says: I must draw directly from ze text
My characters to choose from are: TJ-Whale Talk, Holden- Catcher in the rye, Jason- Godless, Arnold- Absolutely true diary of a part time indian, Jim, Judy or PLato in Rebel w.o a cause
[10:03:45 PM] Amber says: Sue Ann Bigcrow - on the rez

Part III:
Write an extended paragraph on what you have learned about yourself, your world or your literary heritage this semester that I have learned and will be more valuable to myself
[10:06:03 PM] Amber says: or
[10:07:02 PM] Amber says: write an extended paragraph on what 'learning experiences' (literature, lectures, discussions, film, power-point presentations, essays) this semester more helped yo as you learned about yourself, American literature, and American Culture

It's for my English final, I can write outlines and mark pages but I can't write the actual essays. I have to write all three of them in the 1 hour and 45 minute class period. Help me D=