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The School Survival Forums are permanently retired. If you need help with quitting school, unsupportive parents or anything else, there is a list of resources on the Help Page.

If you want to write about your experiences in school, you can write on our blog.

To everyone who joined these forums at some point, and got discouraged by the negativity and left after a while (or even got literally scared off): I'm sorry.

I wasn't good enough at encouraging people to be kinder, and removing people who refuse to be kind. Encouraging people is hard, and removing people creates conflict, and I hate conflict... so that's why I wasn't better at it.

I was a very, very sensitive teen. The atmosphere of this forum as it is now, if it had existed in 1996, would probably have upset me far more than it would have helped.

I can handle quite a lot of negativity and even abuse now, but that isn't the point. I want to help people. I want to help the people who need it the most, and I want to help people like the 1996 version of me.

I'm still figuring out the best way to do that, but as it is now, these forums are doing more harm than good, and I can't keep running them.

Thank you to the few people who have tried to understand my point of view so far. I really, really appreciate you guys. You are beautiful people.

Everyone else: If after everything I've said so far, you still don't understand my motivations, I think it's unlikely that you will. We're just too different. Maybe someday in the future it might make sense, but until then, there's no point in arguing about it. I don't have the time or the energy for arguing anymore. I will focus my time and energy on people who support me, and those who need help.


The forums are mostly read-only and are in a maintenance/testing phase, before being permanently archived. Please use this time to get the contact details of people you'd like to keep in touch with. My contact details are here.

Please do not make a mirror copy of the forums in their current state - things will still change, and some people have requested to be able to edit or delete some of their personal info.

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Well hello there :)
Author Message
Vispilotion Offline

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Well hello there :)

Hi to all. Finally found a page and forum of kind I've been looking for, subconsciously though Smile . and I'm glad for that. finally can discuss about some things with people who will understand me.

how did i find this page? i typed "i hate school" in Google. from boredom. destiny, it seems Smile

I'm from a stupid country in EU. i hate it. it sucks. schooling system sucks even more. my plan is to move somewhere where the real life and people are, civilized and smart, maybe AUS or SAD (though bad comments i heard)..

I'm 17. although I'm smarter and more open minded then some 30's are.

greets my people, I'll start with posting right away : )
09-11-2009 09:35 AM
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returnal Away
cold like minnesota (brrr!)

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Re: Well hello there :)

Welcome to the forum - you're right at home, and recently we've seen a surge in new users.

woah dude
dude woah
09-11-2009 09:47 AM
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Jesusaurisrex Offline

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Re: Well hello there :)

yay for new users! welcome to the forum, strait jacket size?
09-11-2009 09:57 AM
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Amortisatie Offline

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Re: Well hello there :)

Arrrghhh, welcome aboard the SS, looks like we have a new deck-swabber on board! Leave yer sanity at the dock, you won't need it here!


[Image: spooky-1.jpg]

“The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.”
― Neil deGrasse Tyson
09-11-2009 10:37 AM
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IllusoryDeath Away
~become away~

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Re: Well hello there :)

09-11-2009 11:32 AM
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AWOL Offline
The Spooning Bard

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Re: Well hello there :)

Welcome. PM me if you have any questions about the place.

[Image: 9be30a7.png]
[Image: LyingFloraBanner.jpg]
09-11-2009 04:09 PM
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username01462781 Offline

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Re: Well hello there :)

Ha, I found the site the same way. Awesome to have you onboard.
09-11-2009 05:48 PM
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The Desert Fox Offline
Waging war with conviction

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Re: Well hello there :)

Welcome, chappy-chap-chap-chap-chap!

Hidden stuff:
(11-27-2011 01:00 PM)psychopath Wrote:  
(11-27-2011 10:52 AM)Efs Wrote:  Our Army is more professional than Amerika. Smile
Except ours isn't allowed to have guns
CrayolaColours Wrote:That post owned. TDF wins post of the year.
Faby Wrote:
krissy Wrote:dessert fox
Mmm, flambéed vulpine.
"There is no enemy, there is no victory, only boys who lost their lives in the sand."
09-12-2009 12:54 AM
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random_name Offline

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Re: Well hello there :)

Hey, welcome. I'm Sarah - nice to have you on the site.

Hidden stuff:
"A 'no' uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a 'yes' merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble." - Mahatma Gandhi

"The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it."

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
-Ben Franklin

"when I was a kid I used to pray for a bicycle. then I realized that god doesn't work that way. so I stole one and prayed for forgiveness."
"I would rather die for something I believe in than live for anything else."
"What is the task of higher education? To make a man into a machine. What are the means employed? He is taught how to suffer being bored." – F W Nietzsche
[Image: s-event.png]
09-12-2009 08:12 PM
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MorikoMisa Offline

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Re: Well hello there :)

I'm a little late on the welcome wagon, but...better late then never.
Also remember...when in doubt, use a LOLcat.

09-25-2009 11:01 AM
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Sick Silent Offline

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Re: Well hello there :)

Hai thar. Just remember to not feed the trolls that appear here from time to time.

Welcome Welcome

"After 2001, the only Bush I trust is my own" - Bumper Sticker
"In my world, everybody's a pony. They eat rainbows and poop butterflies. AHHHHHHH" - Katie
"In my world, everybody's a computer. They eat Ethernet cables and poop USB drives" - Sick Silent
"If Wikipedia's a lie, then the whole world is a lie"

▲  ▲ got triforce?
09-25-2009 11:10 AM
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Sociopath Offline
©o℗yright Infringe®

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Re: Well hello there :)

welcome aboard, matey!

we got us some new flesh upon SS, yar har-HAR HAR!

Hidden stuff:

Dear Tumblrites: Despite your wrongly self-diagnosed PTSD, no line of scientific evidence suggests people can be triggered over the internet. Triggering works through the senses (i.e. smell, taste, touch, vision, hearing.) but it goes through real time; if you're not experiencing it in real life as it's ACTUALLY HAPPENING in your ACTUAL life, you CANNOT be triggered. The only exception to this is if you have a seizure, but then again, that's triggered by epilepsy (i.e. rapidly-changing flashing lights) NOT PTSD. Remembering a bad incident is NOT the same thing as having a flashback. When you remember, you think; when you flashback, you feel.


[Image: violator_blackbg_110x32.gif]
Max Stirnir Wrote:"In the time of spirits thoughts grew till they overtopped my head, whose offspring they yet were; they hovered about me and convulsed me like fever-phantasies -- an awful power. The thoughts had become corporeal on their own account, were ghosts, e. g. God, Emperor, Pope, Fatherland, etc. If I destroy their corporeity, then I take them back into mine, and say: "I alone am corporeal." And now I take the world as what it is to me, as mine, as my property; I refer all to myself." The Ego and Its Own, pg. 15
Charles Manson Wrote:“Look down at me and you see a fool;
look up at me and you see a god;
look straight at me and you see yourself”
HeartofShadows Wrote:"Life is nothing more than a druggie trying to get their quick fix of happiness while dealing with the harsh withdrawal of reality"
Osip Mandelstam Wrote:"I divide all of world literature into authorized and unauthorized works. The former are all trash; the latter--stolen air. I want to spit in the face of every writer who first obtains permission and then writes." The Fourth Prose, 1930.
Lukas Foss Wrote:That is why the analogy of stealing does not work. With a thief, we want to know how much money he stole, and from whom. With the artist it is not how much he took and from whom, but what he did with it.
 Pirate Join the crew!Pirate
09-25-2009 11:29 AM
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