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Your typical school day
Author Message
CrayolaColours Offline

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Your typical school day

Post it here.

Hidden stuff:
I wake up at 7:20, I need to leave by 7:30, to get to school at 7:40, so I'm not late at 7:50

I go to first period, trying to hide the fact that I lack an ID.

I walk in and see my friend, and she immediately waves like a fucking maniac. I put on my awesome face, knowing I actually know someone in the class. I then find out I have next class with her too, and put on my even awesomer face.

Our teacher then walks in, her humongore ass and camel toe barely getting through the doorway "OKAY CLASS! LISTEN UP!" She screeches. We immediately ignore her and get louder, until she pulls out her trusty whistle of death and blows my eardrums to shit. Then continues on to explain how we aren't following the school dress code, blah blah, I take an energy shot to stay awake, blah blah, I have to do a whole extra six weeks worth of work because of a scheduling fuck up, bl-
"WHAT THE FUCK!?" If only I could actually say that.

I walk in to see a freaking circus going on in the back corner, I sit down with my friend, and whisper something to her.

" Uhoh "

My usual teacher still isn't back yet. So the class is, in fact, not win on a stick like I'd hoped it would be. He comes back in mid-March though, so teehee.
A good number of my friends are in this class with me.

Our group of friends got split in half, some go to C lunch, some go to A lunch.

This guy doesn't have anywhere to sit, so we're nice and let him sit with us. He starts drumming on the table, and my Cherry Coke falls in my lap. He then leaves me to clean up the mess. This guy was my two of my friend's ex. Yes, two of them.

He wont be sitting there tomorrow.

Biased questions all around. I'm late because I had to go change my pants (fucking thanks dude) so I lose two participation points, where if I didn't show up at all, I would only lose one. My shirt was untucked, so I lost another two.

I walk in, see no one that I know, but wait! It's, it's...

That creeper that wont stop obsessing over me.

"OMG LOOK WHO IT IS! THIS LIKE SO MADE MY DAY!" He said, I immediately face palmed and sat down.

The teacher walked in and handed us a signature sheet (They frown upon calling them contracts, because you can turn down a contract.)

" Wtf " He then gave us a huge word search. A fucking word search. The creeper wants to work with me, I was like "lolno" I then saw one of my friends in the corner and put on my super awesome face. And nearly died from glee.

I'm walking to the car, and that creeper tries to give me a hug. I stopped and was like "You. PISS OFF" Then proceeded to go to the car. As we're driving away, he stares at me. After about two seconds I go batshit insane and yell "QUIT STARING AT ME! AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH"

Too bad he was too far away to hear.
Basically that's what happened today, but it's pretty much what goes on every day, so.... Shrug

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Faith o' Meter
Quote:Riddle me this, riddle me that. Give me a straight answer, you pain in the ass cat.
03-10-2010 09:41 AM
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యూజర్ పేరు Offline

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Re: Your typical school day

I wake up at 5:45. I get out to the bus stop and make it to school at 7. In the past, I'd sit with my friends, but one of them turned into a dick spouting rumors about me having AIDS, and he's a bad influence on everyone, so whenever he says "LOL U GOT AIDS" they all go "LOL YEAH U TELL HIM." Instead, I go to the library to work on figuring out how to work the proxy on FireLazorz. I get up to go to class at 7:40; classes start at 7:50.

First is Spanish. This class bores me to death. We have literally done nothing more all year than go over stuff from Spanish 2, and in Spanish 2, all we did was stuff from Spanish 1. We do worksheets and notes.

Second is Photography. This is probably my favorite class. The smell of the chemicals and processing photos usually wakes me up.

Third is History. Specifically, African-American history. This class also bores me. We usually either take notes or watch a filmstrip.

Fourth is Lunch. This is the only period where I sit with any of my friends.

Fifth is Geometry. My teacher for this class is the greatest teacher ever. Usually we learn new stuff regarding geometric shapes. I'm going to have him again next year as my teacher for programming.

Sixth is Chemistry. My teacher for this class is also an awesome teacher (eh is a huge gamer and doesn't afraid of anything). Usually, we take notes on new stuff, do a lab, or watch a filmstrip featuring a pedophile talk in a weird accent about the applications of stoichiometry in the average person's life.

Seventh is Gym. These next few weeks will be spent playing badminton, and we all have a badminton elimination tournament. My partner and I usually win.

Eighth is English. The teacher I have right now is a substitute for our real teacher, who's coming back in a few days after taking a few months off because she just had a baby. Class with my real teacher is a complete joke - class would start ten minutes late, end ten minutes early, and we usually do nothing but eat cookies and draw poetry. But because our sub is here and actually teaches the class, it's boring and nothing like with my real teacher, so my friends and I play a game of IRL Modern Warfare 2 with finger guns/explosives. Our current sub doesn't approve, as she thinks video games are bad for the soul (which is odd, considering she's pretty young and not old like most video game haters)
03-10-2010 11:34 AM
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Re: Your typical school day

I wake up to Opeth's "Wreath" every day at 6:40, since I take a very long time to dress because I'm always daydreaming, to leave at 7:40. Motherfucking bell rings at about 7:55.

I arrive to either P.E. to run a mile plus up and down a shitty hill or to "new media" (depending on the day) which is a bunch of bullshit with Microsoft Word, bunch of chicks chewing poison (aka hot cheetos, etc), which drives me insane, singing pop, which also drives me insane, so I always listen to my music, which no one notices since I have long hair.

Then nutrition, all I do is normally walk around daydreaming, sometimes I speak to people but I don't have a lot to talk about, other than music, which I guess tires people off.

After that comes Period 2, Spanish class for Spanish speakers. Learn a thing or two sometimes, but the teacher talks a lot of bullshit about how education is important, it's what makes countries powerful, blah blah, she even dared to say, while trying to take away the cell phone of a student who refused, and sending him to the damn dean's office (who looks like motherfucking death, seriously) that "BEING A GOOD CITIZEN OBEYING YOUR MASTER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING INTELLIGENT".

Afterwards comes Period 3, Honors World History. We talk about things, with some thinking involved. The teacher explained the history of democracy, some stuff about Renaissance art, (even nudes that some sagot said he was scared of), etc. Some things have led me to think of their possible flaws, though I'm mostly too scared to voice my real opinion clearly. The bad thing about this class is the motivation bullshit techniques. We are split into four "houses": Gryffindor, Slithering, Hufflepuff, and Ravencloud. We compete each day, the teacher giving points to those who answer questions about news, etc, correctly. The worst part is the "color of the day", he's basically making us wear certain colors of his desire on Friday.

Then comes lunch, basically the same thing as nutrition, but longer. It's more likely for me to talk more here than in nutrition.

And at last, Period 4, keyboards, with the same teacher I have for 3. Basically talking very little and trying to memorize songs on a shitty 61-key keyboard (at least it has touch sensitivity, but I still don't like them). Rarely I can play on a decent acoustic, the teacher often tells me to stop, even near the end when people aren't playing anymore. The teacher isn't very bad at all, though.

This semester is overall much better than the last (different classes)

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03-10-2010 11:41 AM
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యూజర్ పేరు Offline

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Re: Your typical school day

Damn, you guys have really, really short school days. The minimum number of scheduled periods we're allowed to have is seven, and each class is 50 minutes long.
03-10-2010 11:44 AM
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CrayolaColours Offline

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Re: Your typical school day

BobManPerson Wrote:Damn, you guys have really, really short school days. The minimum number of scheduled periods we're allowed to have is seven, and each class is 50 minutes long.
Does that count Lunch? Counting lunch we have six, and each class is a little over an hour long.

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Faith o' Meter
Quote:Riddle me this, riddle me that. Give me a straight answer, you pain in the ass cat.
03-10-2010 11:56 AM
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యూజర్ పేరు Offline

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Re: Your typical school day

CrayolaColours Wrote:Does that count Lunch? Counting lunch we have six, and each class is a little over an hour long.
That's counting lunch.
To put the number seven into perspective, each day consists of no more than eight classes.
03-10-2010 11:57 AM
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jose Offline

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Re: Your typical school day

i wake up at 6:20 A.M. and do all my shit but like lunatic, i take so long because i am always daydreaming

1st period: band
i bring my guitar, play some fucking metal before our lesson begins and during the lesson we play kid songs Yuck i got held back in my old school so im stuck with some immature and annoying 6th graders who make me loose my sanity quick. by the end of the day, im shooting the midgets in their heads.

2nd period: science
one word: boring. fucking boring.

3rd period: english
god. i hate school and this class.

4th period: reading
i talk to my friends and we have pretty good time. but today we got our seats moved.

5th period: math
this is where all my sanity is gone. no more fucking around. our teacher acts like a dictator and calls me and my friend stupid and i fucking rage the whole day from here.

i eat

6th period: gym
i use all the anger in me to throw balls at those asshole's faces.

7th period: history
welcome ms. ageist's class. whenever we go against our teacher she says "your just a child" and i fuck up the whole room with my anger. after that i go home. go on SS. sleep. and repeat the cycle all over again.

democracy died when compulsory schooling was born.

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03-10-2010 12:43 PM
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fish20 Offline
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Re: Your typical school day

I wake up at 8:00 (but I get out late. plus its almost dark when i get home.) I get forced out of bed and goto school with my moms bitch friend (shes a pro-school christian).

Get there and I'm either alone or with my friend who is not funny ("lolrofllmfao!!!!111!!eleventhousand!!!!") and then goto class.

1st period everyone ignores me and think im annoying (i don't hardly talk!) then the techer gives homework.

2nd fucking teacher ("scrapbooks and memory clocks will help you learn!") gives 3 assignments at once (no joke.)

3rd bitch doesn't let you do anything but have your eyes on her and controls you like a puppet with her voice.

4th people are annoying and hate me and i get a detention every week.

5th gym. gay faggots r like "suk my huge dik mothereffer!!!!!11111", and rape eachother and the cool people (like r actually cool not "cool) hate me for no reason.

6th mean people are mean and the band class is too simple.

7th people think im emo because I asked for scissors and then was depressed.Idont cut
03-10-2010 02:02 PM
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Absnt Offline

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Re: Your typical school day

I hop up out ma bed, turn my swag on, and say whats up.

Hidden stuff:
I have an alternating schedule. Days 1 threw 4.
-On day 1 we skip 1'st period and 5th period.
-On day 2 we skip 2nd period and 6th period.
-On day 3 we skip 3rd period and 7th period.
-On day 4 we skip 4th and 8th.

I have 8 classes, and lunch is not counted as a period.
-I wake up to my phone's alarm at around 6:30.
-I get dressed.
-I eat breakfast.
-Brush my teeth.
-I Sit in my room until it is time to go, while getting yelled at that I am going to be late.
-I leave for school at around 7:15, and get there around 7:30. The bell goes off for class at 7:45.

First Period:
- Gym.
-My gym class is rather serious. We used to just play dodge-ball and mess around, now they've upped the seriousness. Now we alternate between "gym classroom" were we actually learn things we should be learning in health. "Weight room". We just got a new weight room and we have to lift weights or run on the treadmills. And lastly "activity". Which currently is "team handball".

Second Period:
-On day 1's we go directly to second period.
-This class is Academic World History.
-I get in there, my teacher shows us a video, or hands us a paper and basically rants about his ideals and the importance of events. And we are learning a lot more about american history than world history. I don't hate the class but it is a bit of work. I like learning about wars and history and the like.

Third period:
-Study hall. Fucking A.
-I sit down, bust out my notebook, and start working on articles about anti-school, revolution or catch up on schoolwork. If I'm not doing that I'm reading a book.

Fourth Period:
-Exploring Science.
-I have no idea why I signed up for this class. I should have moved on to chemistry or something of the like. It's not a bad class, I learn interesting things, and the teacher is O.K but it sets me back a bit in my courses. I'll probably end up taking Chemistry next year. Anyway, we basically take notes, do a lab every once in a while or listen to the teacher. It's O.K. Except that everyone in there is a fucking idiot. I could answer every single question in the class, while the rest of my class stumbles over easy shit like "Why is it that stars are usually gone by the time we see them?".

Fifth Period.
-It's an elective, which means I signed up for it, so I can't bitch about it to much.
-It's some work, but it's very easy. I walk in, sit down, open up my book and do an outline of a chapter. The teacher spends 3 days going over what we just outlined, which I can just ignore since I already outlined it and understand it. Then we will do a test every once in a while or some B.S activity.

Sixth Period.
-Fundamentals of Algebra B.
-Yea, that's right, I'm taking the lowest math class in 10th grade.
-I'm decent at math, but my eighth grade math teacher made me take Fundamentals A because he's a D bag. He ended up making everyone in my class take Fund. A. Basically forcing me to take summer school if I want to catch up to the other members of my class in math. The class is easy, and I usually ignore the homework.

Seventh Period.
-Spanish 2
-A god damn hassle.
-I sit in there, and memorize things, day after day, not learning shit about Spanish.
-I fell asleep in it a couple of times.
-By far my worst class right now.

Eight Period.
-Academic English 10.
-I'm good at writing, and reading, not like I would need it.
-I basically get in the class, we read a book or watch a movie.
-On day 3's we take a test on some easy as shit vocab that we had last year too.
-Basically an easy A for me.

Then, I get home, and I start my REAL day.

Blog I post to now: -- An organization for more freedom in education.
03-10-2010 02:35 PM
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Re: Your typical school day

Hidden stuff:
6:00: Wake Up, go back to sleep.

6:30: Actually wake up, get all my stuff together, take a shower, etc...

7:30: At school, probably finishing up homework from last night

Period 1: English Laptop:

Listening to my stupid teacher drone on about how we rely on technology too much and complaining that computers will rule our lives one day, even though we're supposed to use our laptops daily for work. Being the worst English teacher in the entire school (there's a face book group dedicated just to those who hate her class, and it has around 50 followers from all her classes), she gives us an assignment on some book or poem, but changes it without us knowing, or gives us hardly any clear instructions. Then she gives us tons of projects to do and worry about, due within about four days, and puts up a whole crapload of pointless work she never goes over on the school's website so we have to shift through everything just to find the right files with the right instructions. Most stressful class of the day

Period 2: P.E./ Gym

45 minuets of pretty much just exercise and weight training. Nothing special, other than my locker here happens to be right next to the biggest group of faggot "gangstas" ever. Met some new friends this year, however.

Period 3: History Laptop

Actually doing work we can understand, apart from our English teacher's class. Writing notes on our laptops the entire period, if we're not working on some worksheet or project. Very little homework, not too bad of a class.

Period 4: Graphic Design

An hour of whatever game I brought onto my flash drive, often CS:Source, if I am not in the mood for drawing or finishing up other homework. We get usually one project to do over a week, which is doable in about five minuets most of the time. Some kid across the room screams like a chicken, then yells "RAWR!" like a t-rex every now and then. One of my friends gets his daily "lol" by playing soundbites at maximum volume whenever it quiets down. Another makes a stick figure sex animation in Flash, and adds screaming sound effects to it. The faggot assistant principal is heading over to check on us as usual, so our awesome teacher warns us to close out the games until he leaves. A class I wish I actually had more work to do in.


Either eating with friends, or finishing up homework with friends.

Period 5: Algebra 2

A loud as fuck class of monkey children at times, but we literally have the best teacher ever. She explains things completely, and thanks to her my math grade improved over last year's by a shitload. One of my friends constantly makes internet meme references out loud ("that answer is OVER 9000!") at the teacher, who being about 60ish years old has no idea about what he is saying.

Period 6: Physics

This class is beyond hard...they placed me in here and now I have no way of switching classes at all. However, the teacher is decently kind, and at least tries to help us understand what the hell we are doing. Lowest grade class so far, but its not the worst class as far as stressing me out.

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"When government surveillance and intimidation is called "freedom from terrorism" or "liberation from crime," freedom and liberty have become words without meanings." - Deus Ex
03-10-2010 04:05 PM
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Re: Your typical school day

I wake up, post shit on SS, go to hell.
I spend half the time in the library thanks to fucked up schedule, then I go to the pointless classes spending half the time arguing with the motherfuckers.
I come back, and if the day was short, I feel like if it was all a dream. If it was long, I'm too tired to do anything besides sleep and repeat.

Problem, officer?
Hidden stuff:
TrueAnarchist Wrote:and to think, i could be yiffing a hot vixen right about now
CrayolaColours Wrote:He just admitted today that he spent two hours...errr... shaking hands with the Bishop afterwards.
The Desert Fox Wrote:I thought when I downloaded it it was already emulated.
zagix Wrote:I'm stuck to the fagarena because I'm a fag
CrayolaColours Wrote:Woman up, will you? Grow a damn pussy and get over yourselves.
03-10-2010 04:09 PM
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Re: Your typical school day

Wake up, eat breakfast, get hair into some kind of order. My hair is long and curly, and generally even worse than what you would consider normal bed head.

At 8:30 I begin my epic journey of 0.3 miles towards school. On my way to school, there will always be 3+ Year 8 Faggots who think they're cool riding down on the way to school on Scooters. Unfortunately, none of them have been killed in an accident yet.

At 8:50, Lesson 1 Begins. All Lessons last 60 mins. At 8:55, all the chavs will arrive claiming various things for their lateness "i woke up late, i was ramming a fish so hard up my ass i didnt notice the time, my tiny brain cannot contain the ability to read and interpret a clock, etc" and then we proceed onto the lesson matter.

At 9:50, next lesson begins. Same as before, even the chavs arriving late buisness because they're smoking fags in the toilet.

At 10:50, it's break. My friend and I eat our lunch. Before, where we used to hang about was mostly out of the way. However, because our headmaster is full of shit where we stand now is now the entrance to the library, and thus millions of faggots who go into the library because "omg weir cold!!!!!!" storm past us. They don't read anything (I would tell you about the general feeling towards reading books, but you would become so depressed you'd kill yourself.)

At 11:10, it's lesson 3. Same deal as before.

At 12:10, it's lesson 4. Again, with the learning and the chavs being traditionally late.

At 1:10, it's lunch. My friend and I go to the Library, where we mostly browse Facepunch and other Garry's Mod related fun on the Library computers and Chavs attempt to go on Facebook and whine at why it's filtered.

At 1:55, it's lesson 5. Same deal as before.

At 2:55, it's registration with our tutors. We must wait till 3:15 in a classroom until we get to go home regardless of whether the register is done or not, wearas most other schools near here get to go home when they finish registration.

03-11-2010 03:55 AM
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cp Offline

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Re: Your typical school day

Wake up at 6:45. Leave the house at 7:08. School opens the doors at 7:15 and the late bell is at 7:30. I usually make it to class by the late bell.

A Day:

1st Block Spanish- Go sit with my friends and chill for 10 minutes till teacher comes in and tries to teach. She doesnt teach and we do nothing and continue to chill.
2nd Block Advanced Algebra and Trig- Sit on the white side of the class by myself and listen to the teach yell at the black side. If she isnt yelling then we do work, kinda hard.
3rd Block Orchestra- Favorite class ever! Get my violin from the closet and play whatever stuff we need to. End of class we get to get on the computers.
4th Block Study Hall- This used to be my sociology class but the school made it into study hall so now i just sit with friends and talk.

B Day:

1st Block Chemistry- Write notes or do a worksheet. Chill and eat a poptart.
2nd Block English- Run up the stairs and get to class right on time to get my bellwork done. We write paragraphs or take tons of notes. Teach yells at the bad kids.
3rd Block History- Hate this class with a passion. Most of the time I just sit there bored out of my mind. Stupid teacher and stupid kids in the class.
4th Block Gym- Sit around and dont exercise. Lots of friends and we talk and have a great time.

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. - Albert Einstein
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03-11-2010 04:33 AM
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Re: Your typical school day

Morning, about 5 hours after I've finally fallen asleep:
-fall out of bed, literally
-wash my face while wondering when my acne will clear up, smelling my nasty breath
-eating a candy bar for breakfast because I don't have time for a real meal
-driving over the speed limit to make it in time for my 1st class considering I live very far from school; anything for a "good education", right?
-1st class: Calculus; the one with the numbers and the dumbass that just rewrites the book on the board and doesn't explain anything since he only gives us easy examples, and then laughs when we don't get the harder ones and miss the "easy way" of doing them
-2nd class: English; the one with the deaf and blind teacher; overall, she's pretty cool, but her class is quite boring; at least she's decent and allows freedome of speech
3rd class: History, with my favorite, laid-back teacher that actually teaches me things
4-5 period: Physics, or the class I usually feel stupid in
Lunch: where I eat alone behind a dumpster since most tables are full of...
6th: Anatomy, a cool teacher, but kinda hard to understand; likeable, but a little too religous for my tastes
7th: Spanish, where I don't do anything, but it's a good time to hang out with friends or get some "work" done
8th: Theology; Shit. the class I'm penalized for having a different opinion and where it actually affects my grade. I didn't choose to take the class; it's supposed to be good for me, etc. And it's full of the most annoying people in my grade
After school:
-drive to fast food restaurant, eat early dinner
-go home, take a 4 hour nap since school bored me
-after nap, spend 4 more hours on homework since my mom can't help me
-pass out at 1 a.m.

Rinse and repeat None Damn, my life sucks!
03-20-2010 03:00 PM
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Desu Offline

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Re: Your typical school day

I dropped out and got my GED, then I got a job.

Fuck the man.


He was an hero. He will always be remembered.
03-20-2010 03:58 PM
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Prince Rilian Offline
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Re: Your typical school day

I have classes 3 days a week.
The "typical class day" varies depending on whether I go.
If I go, I usually wake up about 5 minutes before physics (at 9:00) and go in whatever I was wearing last night and then I sit in the back and write in my notebook for 50 minutes then I wander around the campus till my 11:00 class, where i surreptitiously talk to my friends on pidgin while the professor babbles about circuits. On mondays and wednesdays, I have afternoon class where we actually have to do things, and those classes are alright.
There's free lunches four days a week. Usually the high point of my day.

Life is good. Jeta është e mirë. Goingcrazy
Die lewe is goed.
Het leven is goed.

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03-20-2010 05:37 PM
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Re: Your typical school day

Wake up around 5:30am - 6:00am, shower, get dressed, leave for the bus stop. 1st period is medical skills, then Geometry 2nd, Credit Lab 3rd, World History 4th, English III 5th, lunch (which I don't eat, shitty school food), Marine Science 6th, and finally Sociology I 7th. Sociology is the best period I have, the teacher is extremely chill and lets us do almost anything we want. Afterwards, I proceed to take the bus home and dwell in my misery until I fall asleep around 10:30pm - 11:30pm. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I don't like anything-chan, internet speak is retarded, text speak is just as retarded, anime sucks very hard, anime-style arts suck harder, and emos (then again, what trend isn't?) are gay. Thank you, have a nice day.
03-21-2010 08:51 AM
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Re: Your typical school day

Wake up at 7:15 to my parents screaming "GET UP!!"
Brush my teeth, get dressed, grab backpack and go to the bus.

My school is separated into A and B days

A Days

PE: My only friend is in this class and we spend the whole time talking. She hates PE but I think it's ok as along we don't run the entire time (which we do all the time). The teachers are bitches so that sucks.

Math: It's alright, we have a cool teacher, but most of it so boring it's all y=(7+k+2+k+x+1+3) crap.

Portland Geography: Mostly stuff about the city. It's sort of boring, but it's the shortest period so eh.


Math II: Yep, 2 math classes. Same cool teacher, same boring subject.

At 2:40 I get off and get on the bus to go home for 3 hours before repeating.

B Days

I hate these days

Project Based Learning: Basically design class. The teacher kinda lets do whatever we want so it's alright.

Social Studies: Awesome teacher, tries to makes the subject as fun as he can even though it's boring

Language Arts: Booooring. Teacher is a HUGE politics junkie so it's really more law than LA.

Lunch: See A day

Science: I hate this class!! A dick for a teacher who gives referals for SNEEZING! Also the most boring and annoying subject on the planet.

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03-22-2010 06:04 AM
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Re: Your typical school day

Wake up at 6:15 to my mom yelling get up.

Go back to sleep until I hear the shower turn off at 6:45.

Get dressed, get bag, lunch, brush teeth/hair all to the sound of mom yelling to move faster, as we must be at school by 7:05.

Get to school at 7:00, but don't actually get in for nearly 10 minutes because the car circle is always so jammed up.

1st Period (World History)- Run in, disregard a tardy because the teacher is cool, find any random seat. This teacher is nice. She allows late work, and doesn't enjoy screaming at kids.

2nd Period (Spanish 1)- Sit way in the back, miss half the things the teacher writes because her handwriting is so small. This teacher is nice except only she gives tests three days a week, and notes the other two.

3rd Period (Informal Geometry)- Get textbook, sit down, do bellwork. Nothing much to report in this class. The teacher is pretty laid back and comical. Usually just notes or worksheets here.

4th Period (English 1)- Sit in a random seat, take out a stack of things that we're supposed to have for this class, set them down, and go put my bag on a cart in a corner of the room because we're not allowed to have them with us. This teacher is very ageist, and doesn't care much for student's opinions. She's not my favorite.

5th Period (Chemistry)- Sit down, do bellwork, do whatever we're doing that day. This is one of my favorite classes. This teacher freely curses, yells, and cracks jokes about the students, and we think it's hilarious.

6th Period (Tech Support)- Sit down, log in to computer, and start browsing the Internet. Normally, I would do work, but when this teacher gives an assignment, I always finish it on the first day, and she doesn't give another for about two weeks. The teacher, is also very laid back.

7th Period (Web Design)- Sit down, log in, and continue the work. This teacher always makes sure the assignments he gives us last until the due date. They aren't difficult, but long. The teacher's cool too. He makes jokes and scares people for the fun of it.

End Of Day- Leave school, Get on a twenty minute bus ride, sleep, get off, walk half a mile home.

" I never knew until that moment how bad it could hurt to lose something you never really had. " ~From the television show The Wonder Years
03-22-2010 07:28 AM
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Re: Your typical school day


When you get to school, you can get breakfast, go to the gym and sit down with the stupid kids, or go to morning study- if you walk around, you are yelled at and forced into the gym. I choose morning study.

After returning to school from the weekend, I remembered just how stupid my peers are. Walking down the hall in their 100$ pre-ripped jeans and brand name clothing, and very ignorant about how the world works- it makes me sick.

It is a "Gold day", meaning I have Social Studies first. OK class, OK teacher, but the learning is limited by worksheets and boredom like other classes. Next

Art: Don't really like it, again, the learning is limited by school. NEXT

Reading: Reading skills and all. Great teacher who got done with pregnancy a few weeks ago so we have a cool sub for now. Holocaust is a theme right now, interesting subject despite my ignorant peers making a complete joke of it.

Math: Or pre algebra. OK but ageist teacher who is apparently so kind for yelling at you. Lunch is here, but it is a long and boring class.

Gym: Best class. Dodgeball and everything.

Study hall: Or as they call it, mentoring. Had to go to my math teacher and finish something while she yelled at several kids who were asking questions, apparently helping them.

03-23-2010 09:06 AM
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Re: Your typical school day

Get up whenever the f-ck I feel like it as long as it's before seven. Do the daily routine, skip breakfast (usually), if I have time I go for a run. Get to school and if it's not a block day I go to all of my classes. First is Accounting I, then Psychology (which rocks), then Spanish II (which is full of retards of the worst kind), and then Advanced U.S. History. I travel all the way across the school to the lunchroom and if I'm lucky then I can find a seat with some friendly acquaintances. Then I have to wait half of the lunch period for the lines to clear out so I can get my food quickly and not have my seat stolen. Then there is Algebra II which, by a miracle, I am finally passing. Next is AP Literature, in which I write essays that I almost always fail and never turn anything in on time, and then finally there is Business Essentials, which is one of the worst classes to have at the end of the day. Then I go to my grandma's who talks too much and is on way too many medications on purpose, and then I go home, don't do my homework, and have cybers-x with my online boyfriend.
That's my weekday in a nutshell.
03-23-2010 09:51 AM
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RE: Your typical school day

Based off of Thursday Week 1 cause I have a two week timetable.

I wake up at 6 o'clock. I take two (Sometimes Three) buses to school.

I usually arrive earlier than the rest of my class. I go to the Learning Support room and either draw, read a book, talk to teachers or do homework.

The bell rings at 8.45 and I go to Registration.

Registration: On Thursdays, my form class is doing Circle Time. Students choose what we talk about in Circle Time. Each student takes a turn to do the Circle Time in the register order. My form tutor and my co-tutor are very nice.

Period 1: Art: I like the lesson and the teacher. I'm basically the only student who behaves in that class. Others chat, mix paint with glue, eat sweets, refuse to do the work, call each other racists, run around the classroom, throw onions at ME, tell the teacher to shut her mouth, give each other C9's (9 negative points) even though C9 doesn't exist at my school, throw kiwi on the floor, call other students by the "n" word , take out their phones (sometimes the teacher lets them but they do it even if she doesn't), throw clay, destroy lemons, slap clay like a pizza, and destroy other people's work when they are ill. The teacher thinks I'm good at art and that I should go to Art School after I finish Year 13.

Period 2: Art: Double art! Yay!

Breaktime: I go to the Learning Support since I'm not allowed to go anywhere else at breaktime, unless it's to report someone. I'm not allowed to go to the library or the ICT room or anywhere that is not Learning Support like other kids are, unless I get a special permission.

Period 3: English: I hate that class as well as the teacher. I get yelled at by the stupid idiot English teacher who thinks she's above everyone in school including the Headteacher, I'm below everyone including other students, the Head of English is above me and below everyone else, other students are right in the middle (above me and the Head of English and below my English teacher and the other teachers) and other teachers are above everyone except my stupid English teacher. No! That's not true! She's completely wrong. The Headteacher is above everyone, then it's Head of English, Then it's other teachers, unless they're Heads of Department, then it's all the students including me. And because that stupid idiot English teacher thinks she's above the Headteacher and the Head of English and that I'm below other students, she makes me do impossible work even though the work that the rest of my class gets is already hard, yells at me for getting pushed in the line, and even refuses to give me glue when I need it for the work. The teacher is the least experienced out of all the nine English teachers in my school. She thinks I'll only get the grades I need to achieve if I have an English teacher I hate. Sometimes I wish I could blow up her classroom. I told the teacher that if she hates me, she can move me to the class that I wanna move to, but she'd rather torture me, treat me like a dog and make my life a living hell. She also misspells easy words. Her classroom is hell! My English teacher is from hell! I learn English in hell. I want to move English class for good and I want Miss Teacher-From-Hell fired!

Lunchtime: I go to the canteen to eat my lunch. The lunch at my school is great. I usually have a panini, a pizza or pasta for lunch. Also, most kids can buy a dessert and a drink, but I can't. My lunch limit was lowered from £6.00 to £3.00 by my Pastoral Leader because I was buying one of my friends lunch. She told me this year that she will not change it back even if I learned not to buy my friends lunch. After eating my lunch, just like at breaktime, I have to go to Learning Support and not go anywhere else without permission.

Period 4: Science: Science is great. My teacher is great too. The teacher never yells at students and she's nice and kind. And she's cute too. She can send people outside of the classroom though. But that never happened to me, because I behave in science. At the begining of the lesson, she lets us listen to music. At the end, if we're good, she lets us watch Crazy Russian Hacker. She always makes the lessons fun.

Period 5: Maths: I like maths only because of the teacher. I work very hard in that class. However, the normal lesson looks like this: One girl plays with the blinds, calls my name and swears in Polish (No, she is not Polish. She just does that to annoy me), two girls do the teacher's job for her, one of the boys flirts with the teacher (I sometimes flirt with the teacher as well, but not that often cause I don't want to be in too much trouble), two girls (Not the ones who do the teacher's job for her) crack Yo Mama jokes, one of the boys tries to take off the teacher's headscarf when she is helping someone else, another boy walks around the classroom, another boy repeats the word "Pablo," cuts the blinds and throws racist insults at the teacher, he and another boy often call her by her first name, the boy who flirts with the teacher locks students out of the classroom, another boy calls the teacher a racist, another boy stares at the girls for half an hour, the whole class says that one of the students is a teacher and the teacher cries in class. She also gets abused by Year 10's because she's smaller than them and her dress and her headscarf are often black or navy, so they think she's a student. Poor math teacher. Cry I want to cry just thinking about this. How can they abuse and make my math teacher cry all the time?

I usually stay in after school either because of rehersals or to do my homework. I get out of school at 5 o'clock PM. I take two buses to get home. I usually go with my friends from Year 8. One of them makes fun of Whitmore High School and calls it "Shitmore", which I find funny. Another two talk about teachers and the black hole all the time (For example, they say: Ms Hall comes from the black hole.) I also have a few more friends in Year 8. We usually talk about school.
01-03-2017 05:11 AM
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RE: Your typical school day

Well yeah, I get up around 6:40, eat breakfast, and ride the bus to school at 7:10. The bus stops along couple of other neighborhoods, and I arrive at 7:40. Wait for 10 minutes, and I go inside the building.
1st period: physics: usually the teacher lectures about the topic before letting us to do the homework problem (25 word problems due before test). I talk with my table friends about random stuff such as memes while doing the problems.
2nd period: English: not much, just lectures followed by work time and talk time before end of period
3rd period: Japanese: this class is fun and potentially useful
4th period: computer science: we learn about Java which I already know, so half of the time I'm either programming some random stuff or reading news. My teacher doesn't really care. On some work days I play on a LAN party of halo.
5th period: Environmental Science: more interesting then physics, a lot of discussions.
6th period: History: Interesting class, I express my political opinion sometimes. Though not really useful in real life besides bragging rights.
7th period: Calculus: My teacher lectures through the period over example problems. Interesting to learn, however, I'm still coming up with real life uses of it. Perhaps useful in the future for woodworking and metalworking.
01-04-2017 02:31 PM
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