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The School Survival Forums are permanently retired. If you need help with quitting school, unsupportive parents or anything else, there is a list of resources on the Help Page.

To everyone who joined these forums at some point, and got discouraged by the negativity and left after a while (or even got literally scared off): I'm sorry.

I wasn't good enough at encouraging people to be kinder, and removing people who refuse to be kind. Encouraging people is hard, and removing people creates conflict, and I hate conflict... so that's why I wasn't better at it.

I was a very, very sensitive teen. The atmosphere of this forum as it is now, if it had existed in 1996, would probably have upset me far more than it would have helped.

I can handle quite a lot of negativity and even abuse now, but that isn't the point. I want to help people. I want to help the people who need it the most, and I want to help people like the 1996 version of me.

I'm still figuring out the best way to do that, but as it is now, these forums are doing more harm than good, and I can't keep running them.

Thank you to the few people who have tried to understand my point of view so far. I really, really appreciate you guys. You are beautiful people.

Everyone else: If after everything I've said so far, you still don't understand my motivations, I think it's unlikely that you will. We're just too different. Maybe someday in the future it might make sense, but until then, there's no point in arguing about it. I don't have the time or the energy for arguing anymore. I will focus my time and energy on people who support me, and those who need help.


The forums are mostly read-only and are in a maintenance/testing phase, before being permanently archived. Please use this time to get the contact details of people you'd like to keep in touch with. Send me a message if you'd like to keep in touch with me & Steve.

Please do not make a mirror copy of the forums in their current state - things will still change, and some people have requested to be able to edit or delete some of their personal info.

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To all the bold souls who skipped class...
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Depression101 Offline
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To all the bold souls who skipped class...

I'm asking this for two reasons: first one being curiosity, and the second one being that I might need to do it some time soon, if I'm really driven over the edge. Probably not though, because at the school I go to, if you're two minutes late for class, your parents are probably gonna get a call. And I don't want the fucking school interrupting my mother, telling her that her 14 year old son missed the roll call in French. "Sure, he arrived for the actual lesson, but he still missed the roll call, and that's a fucking a felony here."

Anyway, I was wondering how did you do it and what was your most memorable experience of ditching class. Basically, the way I heard it goes in my school, you hide in the fucking toilet when you've had enough of the class you hate most. I heard some 5th year motherfucker did it, and got away scotch free, but I doubt it. I'd have no problem waiting in the toilet until the class starts and just staying there, reading a book I brought with me, probably Catcher in the Rye or Fahrenheit 451.

"Then it was straight to the 40 ouncers/ slapping teachers and jacking off in front of my counselors." As the World Turns - Eminem.

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"A good artist should be isolated. If he isn't isolated, something is wrong." - Orson Welles.

"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons, even death may die." - H.P. Lovecraft.

"I became insane, with long intervals of painful sanity." Edgar Allan Poe.
05-03-2017 02:47 AM
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Benjavaz Offline
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To all the bold souls who skipped class...

When I was in 1st grade, I skipped one of my classes and paced up and down the hallway. I got caught during the last five minutes of class.

I HATE my school. I'd rather die than go to school for another 6 years.Fu
05-03-2017 06:31 AM
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ColossalBlocks Offline

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To all the bold souls who skipped class...

When I was in 9th grade my bed had some drawers and a huge wooden chest under it. I hid in the chest. Thank god for extension cords as I was able to haul a computer monitor and XBox back in there.
05-03-2017 07:42 AM
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Avatar Korra Offline
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To all the bold souls who skipped class...

This year (10th grade), the whole week or so before I finally broke down in front of my family and refused to do school work, I skipped my last two classes of the day. On "Even" day I skipped creative writing and literature and on "Odd" day I skipped drama and math. It had to be the last 2, because they call your parents if you don't attend class any earlier. My teachers probably thought I just went home early. Mwahaha

I hid in a bathroom stall for the whole 4 hours and entertained myself with my phone. Then, when the final bell rang I left before anyone could see me.

The only downside was 30-ish minutes of a smelly bathroom after someone poops during lunch. xD

"I’M BEGGING YOU, PRINCE ZUKO! It’s time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big question: who are you and what do YOU want?"
" While it is always best to believe in one’s self, a little help from others can be a great blessing"
-Uncle Iroh(Avatar: the Last Airbender)
05-03-2017 09:47 AM
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