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Home work doesnt fit in time given
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Home work doesnt fit in time given

After searching the internet for some miraculous device that will solve my problems, I found this forum. I hope you guys can help me!
The problem: I do not have enough time to do my homework. Not in the normal "oh too much homework" kind of way, but the actual time in hours at my disposal:
6:00 Get up, eat breakfast etc.
7:00 Jump on the bike, head for school
8:20 School starts (I arrive around 8:10 so I can study a bit more)
4:05 School done
5:00 Back home, homework time until dinner
6:30 Dinner time, 1 hour 30 minutes of homework complete
7:00 Done eating dinner, more homework
9:00 I should go to bed now if I want to get my 9 hours of sleep, but I have only done 3 hours 30 mins of homework...
10:00 got my 4 hours 30 mins (average) of homework out of the way, time to sleep

So thats my average schedule, of course times will vary often.
The things I'd like to change are:
atleast 9 hours of sleep
atleast 1 hour of free time

At the moment I do not have any free time. Well, I do, but its not really free time. Its 2 minute breaks smuggled into my homework time, like quickly playing a game on my phone etc.

The weekends are better, although I usually sleep till 3:00 pm to catch up on sleep missed.

You might be wondering why I cycle to school for 1 hour, I live in the Netherlands, and its quite normal here.

The 4h 30m homework is everything I need to do for school btw. Not just doing the exercises in my books, but also studying for the tests of the week.

Any tips are welcome ^^
03-12-2017 11:25 PM
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Home work doesnt fit in time given

That's crazy... Have you talked to your parents know about this? It's a pity homeschooling is illegal in the Netherlands, otherwise I'd suggest that... but really, it's completely cruel to not have any time to pursue things you really want to. Is there any way you can get out of school earlier? Why is it SO LONG?! That's 8 hours. It used to be 6 for me back in the 90's.

Realistic options:
Stop studying for tests. Just cram 1 day in advance.
Do homework as quickly and sloppily as possible, just so that it's done.
Get to and from school quicker
Eat breakfast quicker (or in some kind of liquid form on the way to school)
Find time while at school to do things you want

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03-13-2017 05:40 AM
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