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What we do here
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What we do here

Some say that all we do is complain. Some have complained that School Survival isn't activist enough. I think that we here at School Survival are a very special group of people and the purpose we serve here is completely valid and justified.

"Survival" as the name indicates is what we are about. We who are doomed by fate to put up with the world we are given find school to be arguably one of the greatest challenges to our spiritual well-being. I say "spiritual" well-being because no amount of medication, diet, or exercise is gonna fix these symptoms we experience. We have all more or less realized that school itself is at the very heart of our psychoses.

If any of us are going to work towards change it is going to be first within the confines of our own world, ya know, that one where we find ourselves stuck in school. No major impact (upon others we don't know) is likely to come from any of us until we have solved the problem of our own material existence, which is of course another thing we talk about; surviving the world of making money, especially since school does jack shit to help you figure that out. Consider the kind of odd way that SouRiser makes a living. Time and talent liberated by money help things like SS come into reality.

I lack time and money, so all the relevant reading I would do and post about simply can't happen. we all have limitations imposed upon us externally without our control. Nothing can change that fact, which is why "Survival" IS the Ultimate Battle.

Whatever we would like to do with ourselves, whatever goals we would work towards, we have to remain intact to face the challenges that come from doing anything real, such as managing what time is left after putting up with whatever life you find yourself stuck with.

We are here to complain about a great injustice done to many. There is everything right with that. We who have very few choices find guidance here to figure out the best ones, and because of shitty laws and customs we do frequently find ourselves stuck, stuck, and more stuck. What else can anyone do but survive? to not let ourselves be defeated?

There is nothing easy about being stuck with shitty ass parents or being forced into some shitty ass school, so we try to survive. We vent, we complain, we support one another, we show solidarity. I am sure we help a lot more people survive than we realize because quite a lot of people read but don't post. Sometimes its just enough to know you're not alone.

No good way to conclude this by the way...
hooray for School Survival! Pirate

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03-07-2017 08:54 AM
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What we do here

I like that time Zeta tried to argue with SR over the purpose of the site when SR is the creator of the site.

well would you look at the time its time to gay
03-07-2017 09:58 AM
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What we do here

Well said, thank you. I'm gonna share and sticky this. Smile

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03-08-2017 12:28 AM
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