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Brain's Brain
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Brain's Brain

Dont dream too often, or at least dont remember it. However I had a recently vivid dream that was quite vivid I guess to say the least.

It began it me and a few friends landing on an island where some fort/school was located. It had 4 walls around a large open space and was pretty much abandonded but in mint condition (and with a modern interior). So we split our roles, with me becoming principal, another becoming dean of discipline, the last fella vp/dean of academics. My office was at the top of a tower with a great window view over the courtyard park. Skipping ahead the school was a place for orphans and crap and we were doing quite well...till the owners of the place decided to swoop in and try to take the school back (seeing as we got it running).

We refused and it ended up as a standoff between the students and property owners, who had the government behind em. After a few tense shootous, some wounded and dead on both sides, and the growing size of the police force, I decided that we would surrender rather than deal with bloodshed. So the property owner came up to negotiate while our wounded were escorted out. I struck a deal with the guy but as I began to walk out of the room, the friend who was dean of discipline burst in and shot the guy while the guy managed to get a shot off and kill friend. As I got off the ground, a sniper fired and I got hit the throat and proceeded to bleed out (fun part being I saw myself shift from 1st person to 3rd as I lost conscioussness).

I guess it skipped ahead quite later (though i dont recall anybidy aging so...) and Im basically jobless cause of my police record and angry at the system. I end up finding those paper pamphlets on boards for a political meeting by a revolutionary group trying to reform education. I end up joining and get along well, while getting cozy with a chick in the group of like...7 people. We basically all live in some abandoned hotel like place (or like some building with a single large hall and a bunch of small rooms. It wasnt very big but big enough). We all have a "share" in the group split equally, though you can increase your share if someone gives.

I end up (I assume because I dont remember those parts clearly) manipulating and plotting till Ive got 50% control with 4 people remaining. Then I meet another chick who isnt in the business and is some kind of white collar professional. Other chick gets jealous and surrenders her shares to me, but also ends up snitching. As I go to safehouse with new chick to remove the old chicks board and adjust my number, I get confronted by the remaining two members (one being a massive muscular dude). Theyre upset that I ruined the group and took power. Then they drive off. As I leave the safehouse, a bunch of men in suits approach and take new chick away while escorting me to vehicle as I try to resist and stuff.

Then I woke up. Id say it was a weird yet entertaining dream. I can easily trace many elements to stuff that came up before I slept too so it wasnt exactly out of the blue. The nearly dying part was a bit weird though, especially when i saw myself in the 3rd person. Definitely grayed up my day and mellowed my mood.

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