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Dear God (Streets of Philadelphia)
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Dear God (Streets of Philadelphia)

Another poem/song I made that I hope to rap soon. The song is meant to take the perspectives of various people struggling in their various life situations. I think the lyrics will explain for themselves.

Dear God (Streets of Philadelphia) by Hansgrohe
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Dear God, I'm singing the school blues
Another day in isolation, it seems nothing changes
Does the world hate me for being a nerd?
The sun shines yet I have no clues
All my friends are becoming distant strangers
Ever since middle penitentiary my voice was never heard
I'm screaming to the lord, my tears taste sweet
I've got no hope, stuck sinking in quick sand
I never had a girl, none give a shit for me
My head's a hurting, can't thinking rationally
They said have a good summer, but none understand
My mind and the mirror scream telling I'm ugly
My mourning's turned to anger, it's time for me to shine
I've converted to nihilism, thinking homicide
God, tell Satan to open his doors, I've got my glock
The bitch is a lie, explode it all till I sing bye bye, I was never meant to be

Oh brother are you gonna leave me wastin' away
On the Streets of Philadelphia

(Verse 2)
Dear God, I've been crippled by doom
My best friends live in foreign nations
Every street I take, different story same song
My drunk parents make me a refugee in ma' room
The status quo has decapitated all ma' aspirations
In my sleep I wonder what I did wrong
The smell of booze every Saturday morning
I want a genie to grant me a spot six feet under
Let me be free, fly with the birdies
All the advice seems so corny
I look at the night sky and I just shudder
I'm slowly choking under all this rubble
I hate my family, I want to leave this circus
My ex didn't want to leave me so he'd hit me
I've lost my weed to console me
I'm breaking down, and I sing bye bye, I was never meant to be

(Verse 3)
I was just a white girl stuck in a small world
I escaped like they'd do to blacks in Jim Crow
Yet the lord saw my suffering, he let me in
I hated school, I never fit the mold
I met this Mexican dude, he had nice eyes that were blue
We talked, he told me the barrio did him in
We understood though cause neither of us got love
I told him my mother always liked to beat me
He told me he saw an old man taken in a drive by
Even though our colors aren't the same, we have the flow of the same blood
We're both glad we got the chance to leave
Nothing but joy and fraternity, everyone at the same time
The popular kids can all kiss my ass
This hoodrat can show a teen girl empathy
We're climbing the crossroads, god's gonna open the door
Lush meadows and beautiful scenery, we all sing bye bye, I was never meant to be

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10-14-2014 01:27 PM
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