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PlayStation and PlayStation 2 Emulation Guide(sorta)
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PlayStation and PlayStation 2 Emulation Guide(sorta)

Hidden stuff:
Hello, this guide is a Work in Progress Guide. It is far from complete(and

may never be complete), however it's goal is to introduce you to PlayStation and

PlayStation 2 emulation.

--PlayStation Emulation--
For the original Playstation you have a few options of emulators, there is

what I use mainly PCSX-Reloaded, there is ePSXe, pSX, PSXeven, AndriPSX, Bleem!,

and SSSPSX. However most of them won't, or don't work. I prefer PCSX-Reloaded as

it doesn't require you to have a BIOS(which you have to get yourself, although you

can download it, but it's illegal in most/all places, so it's up to you. I'll link

a guide on getting the Bios here at some point), and it also has most things set-

up for you. I also suggest getting either an adapter for a PlayStation controller,

or use a PS3 controller and connect it wirelessly though Xinwrapper(or MotionInJoy

if you have to use it)(I'll add a section on this later). I suggest only using

PCSX-Reloaded, ePSXe, or PSXeven as those work better. However I can only vouch

for PCSX-Reloaded and a little bit for ePSXe.

I just though I should add a small section on this, while PCSX-Reloaded

doesn't require you to have a BIOS it is needed for memory card saving(virtual

Memory Cards that is), and it is required for some games to run properly(or to

just run). If you dowload I Bios I suggest the SCPH1001 BIOS for US, or the

SCPH7502 Bios of PAL releases as these two work the best, although keep in mind

that if you do get your Bios from your PlayStation(or PSOne) you are somewhat

stuck with that, so if you get a different one, it should be fine, but if not try

and track down one(or both) of the BIOS's.

--Games that need slight Configuration--
Some games might require slight configuration, I shall list them here so

you can know which ones are which:

1) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Might be the entire series on the PS). This game

requires that you enable Special Fixes and special fix 0x0001: Odd/even bit hack.

If you don't enable this you WILL have problem loading most(or all)

levels and reloading them if you want to see the Carrer challenges.

-More to come-

--Games that require a BIOS to work properly--
As I mentioned before some games require a BIOS to work properly, or at

all. So this is so you know which games require a BIOS to work properly, and which

BIOS it is, depending on the version.

1) Digimon World - This game is playable without a BIOS, but audio errors will

occur, so a BIOS is suggested. For the US release it is suggested to have any US

BIOS's, although the best seems to be SCPH1001. For PAL releases it is suggested

to use any PAL Bios, but I personally suggest using SCPH7502.

2) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - I may have run into a problem with this game. I

suggest running this with a BIOS(SCPH1001 is the one I use), although you don't

have to. If you run into a problem without running a bios, let me know.

-More to come-

--Installing PCSX-Reloaded--
Now we shall cover installation of PCSX-Reloaded, it's rather simple:
1) Go to:
2) Click downloads
3) Find the Right download for your OS:
- If you are running and Modern Windows(XP and up) choose the file with

Windows in it's name, at the time or writing it is the Recommended Download.
- For Linux, I assume you are smart enough to do this, but it's the

.tar.bz2 file
- For Mac OSx use the file that says at the end,

4) Extract the files to a location of your choice

5) You have now installed PCSX-Reloaded, however if you have a BIOS please

continue reading, otherwise please go to the Using PCSX-Reloaded
5.5) If you have a BIOS file, you should move the BIOS into the BIOS

folder before continuing

6) If you have a BIOS click configuration, then Click the Plugins and Bios

section, then find the BIOS catagory and select the BIOS you put in there.

--Using PCSX-Reloaded--

2) Click file. You should have an ISO, BIN, or CUE file, all of those will work in

PCSX-reloaded go to where you have those installed and click okay. it should then

boot up in full screen. Escape will pause it, Run will resume it, Restart will

restart it, and Shutdown will stop the current Emulation

Yes, I know it's incomplete, however feel free to contribute!

Pretty Much my only signature...I'm mainly a can find me on the IRC (or on DnE and their IRC).

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06-20-2014 05:35 AM
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PlayStation and PlayStation 2 Emulation Guide(sorta)

For PS1 emulation on Android, ePSXe works well. FPSe is also good (and better for certain games).

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06-20-2014 09:42 AM
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