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Thank you to the few people who have tried to understand my point of view so far. I really, really appreciate you guys. You are beautiful people.

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First lucid dream
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First lucid dream

I JUST woke up from my first experience with lucid dreaming. That was fucking amazing, simply put.

It started with an odd dream. I was with a friend in a neighboring city at night. We walked down a familar dark alley ive been to before. The alley looked as it did in reality, except around the corner were two metal doors separated by a short brick wall. I banged on one of the metal doors, and me and my friend waited for an answer. I could tell he was anxious. We were at a weed dealers house to pick up a bag. Out of nowhere, this middle aged white guy appeared next to us, carrying a brown paper bag full of groceries. He cheerfully greeted us as he unlocked the door and invited me into his home.

I walked inside while my friend waited outside. despite there being no windows and the house being built into the side of an alleyway a second ago, the interior was nice and comfortable looking, with beams of sunlight coming in from some windows. The house slightly resembeled the apartment of another friend, but was a bit different. I offered to help put away the groceries, which were now in plastic bags, and there were more than the dealer was originally carrying. Three younger girls and a middle aged woman come to greet us from a hallway leading to the bedrooms, helping us put away the groceries.

I grabbed three packages of marshmallows while wondering why the hell anybody needs three packages of various-sized marshmallows. I was instructed to put them on top of the refrigerator, which i did. On top of said refrigerator were some used, oily paper towels, which i thought about throwing away; i decided they must have been there for a reason and left them alone.

I next found myself at the end of the hallway, my drug dealer holding his bedroom door open and motioning for me to come in. His wife was trying to get the kids out of the room, and he was holding a small, pink square piece of paper that had nothing written on it and wouldn't be seen again for the rest of the dream. As i approached the doorway, his wife walked out of the room past me and disappeared behind me.

Suddenly i felt this weight on my chest, and something from behind me gently, yet quickly, flew me to the bed and sat me down. The drug dealer was rummaging around in the closet while he talked to his wife, who was now sitting behind me on the bed. They said something about chiropractors, and i assumed his wife was one, so i asked for a quick neck adjustment. Without a word, and seemingly before i even asked the question aloud, her hands moved to caress my head, ready to crack my neck. Right before what should have been a satisfying neck adjustment, she reaches around and begins putting her fingers in my mouth, pressing her fingernails into the tiny spaces between each tooth. At this point i noticed something wasn't quite right, and i became lucid. I felt this heavy but delicate weight on my chest and the sensation that i was flying. I flew out of the house through the ceiling, then found myself in my grandparent's bedroom. The entire room was basked in a bright white light, kind of how people imagine heaven to look like. I laid there, consciously transporting myself to various rooms, talking and interacting with various people that i consciously decided i wanted to interact with.

After what felt like about thirty seconds or so, i felt that i was coming out of the dream, and the sensation of lucidity was tapering off. Several times i attempted to fly into the air and stop the dream from ending, but failed since i had no clue how to. Then i started physically moving my hands and opened my eyes, waking up, deciding that the dream should end there. As i slowly woke up, right before the dream ended, i noticed i was in my parent's bedroom, laying on their bed. I could hear keyboard typing through the door, coming from downstairs, and the sound of food being grilled in the kitchen.

I dont recall ever falling asleep, and didn't intend to lucid dream. it ended as abruptly as it had began, but that was one of the most amazing sensations i have ever experienced. This thread will serve as a dream log, hopefully i can experience this again soon.
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04-18-2014 03:08 AM
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First lucid dream

Wow, awesome!

Generally the best way to continue a lucid dream is to rub your hands.


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RE: First lucid dream

Set yourself a goal before you sleep and remind yourself to stay calm when lucid, too much activity will wake you up or make you lose lucidity. Do simple little things like pinch yourself. When you are lucid, remind yourself you are lucid and you are in control - it can help to say commands out loud whilst lucid, if things get a bit too much just shout "STOP!" or wave your hands or spin around and imagine a blank canvass.

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04-18-2014 04:31 AM
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