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To everyone who joined these forums at some point, and got discouraged by the negativity and left after a while (or even got literally scared off): I'm sorry.

I wasn't good enough at encouraging people to be kinder, and removing people who refuse to be kind. Encouraging people is hard, and removing people creates conflict, and I hate conflict... so that's why I wasn't better at it.

I was a very, very sensitive teen. The atmosphere of this forum as it is now, if it had existed in 1996, would probably have upset me far more than it would have helped.

I can handle quite a lot of negativity and even abuse now, but that isn't the point. I want to help people. I want to help the people who need it the most, and I want to help people like the 1996 version of me.

I'm still figuring out the best way to do that, but as it is now, these forums are doing more harm than good, and I can't keep running them.

Thank you to the few people who have tried to understand my point of view so far. I really, really appreciate you guys. You are beautiful people.

Everyone else: If after everything I've said so far, you still don't understand my motivations, I think it's unlikely that you will. We're just too different. Maybe someday in the future it might make sense, but until then, there's no point in arguing about it. I don't have the time or the energy for arguing anymore. I will focus my time and energy on people who support me, and those who need help.


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A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam
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A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam

{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: I completely disregard anything my language arts teacher gives
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Why?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: 1: She is a bitch
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Obviously
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: 2: I dont need certain ways to analyze a book
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: You analyze a book in your own way
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: even if someone else doesnt agree with that way
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: :|
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Ok
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Umm...
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: 'Well I have a high C and I am trying to bring it up
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: SO yeah
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: That's why I do her shit
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Even if I dont pass if I fail up to 2 classes I can either do Florida Virtual school (I love that) or summer school (I prefer the former)
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: The problem is, my mom won't agree with me failing at all
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Lots of teachers say that FLVS is hard when its actually easy as fuck
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I'll be banned from computer gamer for life if I failed a class, so that's not an option
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: gaming*
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Oh yeah here is a good site for yeh
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus:
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: I like looking in the School Talk & Venting section
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: What's your username on the site?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Kretus9999
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: I barely posted anything though
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I'm refering you
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: School gives learning a bad reputation.
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: School turns the essence of life into a chore. D:
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: You were referred
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Congratulations
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Wow. Zero Tolerance. OMG KEY CHAIN YOU GOWN KILL SOME ON
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: :|
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: I've got a documentary on synctube
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Come and watch it
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus:
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I have homework
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: ....
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Its a documentary. your mum will assume its a school thingy
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: My mom doesnt know english
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I have to do math though and it's a lot of work, I don't plan on staying up late
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: mmkay
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: My mom knows perfect English
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: oh ok
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: nevermind
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Lol
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Did she say anything about no videos
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Like no fun videos? Or no videos period
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Yeah
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: No fun video
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: But
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I don't want to take chances though
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Especially since I REALLY need to get this thing done
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: This one isnt fun. We could watch it on the weekend through the magic of synch tube
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Weekend is okay
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: The intro is "interesting"
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: it has some weird upbeat song about going to school being fun and the teacher is number 1 or somethine
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: *something
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Ironically the entire video is about school's conformity
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: :|
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I'll continue my homoworks
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: 97% of suspensions are infractions on students involve no guns alchohol or drugs
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Even for downloading something that I didn't know was a virus....
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Except
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: It was an illegal program
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: But that doesn't involve the school
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: You are the 3%
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: damn
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Lol
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Damn it, I always get sidetracked so easily
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: BACK TO HOMOWORKS
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: I found this cool ass website where you can post what games you are playing and how far you've gotten
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus:
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Well thats life for ya. Did you know life is the leading cause of death?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: It's called mortality
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Schools and prison facilities look SO similar
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: THE FENCES
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: NUUUUUU You're spoiling the video
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Yeah b
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Yeah basically
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: there are a bunch of kids yelling
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: boopin'
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: apparently they are having a lesson on what prisons and schools are
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: did you watch the video with the BOOPINEST SHIT yet?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Remember.... I can't watch "fun" videos
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: anyway they show a picture of a building and the kids dont know which it is
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: It sounded like this
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: *Letters pop up saying that its actually a school*
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Oh
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: okay
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Similarities and stuff
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: I think prison would be a much better description of school
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I would prefer virual school
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: You know Mater Academy has their own virtual school?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Eeyup
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: wazzat
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Its Eeyup
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: its literally 2 seconds
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: wut
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: wut
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: uh
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: resend link
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Its a video clip of Eeyup
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus:
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: "That strange moment where the top comment isn't the top comment"
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: It's funny that we're calling school a system. It has all of the disadvantages and none of the advantages of an organized structure.
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Not so much a system, as a bag of crap disguised as a system
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: thats covered in cockroaches
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: ....
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I have a vivid imagination.....
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: With the cockroaches peeing on it as they live and breed. The people there are still busy not doing anything about it and eating shit
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: ......................................
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: vivid
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: imagination
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: :|
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: =
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: almost
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: real
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: SAYME DIFF
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: f
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: f
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: f
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: f
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: f
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: f
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: f
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: f
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: ff
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: EEMAHGINASHUN
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: DUBULL EFF
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: F
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: F
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: delete system32
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: delete explorer.exe
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Here is a funny thing they said on those forums I showed you
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Lunatic(Veteran of the Forums): haha I let my parents see this site and they argued that it was "communist brainwashing propaganda". And now I host SD on my own hardware right under their noses
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: guts12(Newbie only been here since a month ago): XD seriously? Communist propaganda? Because everyone who hates school is instantly a communist.
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Lol
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: "And now I host SD on my own hardware right under their noses"
wait what?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: I
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: I dont know what SD means
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: SanDisk, lolnope
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: DoA(Title: Political Activist Joined Since: Aug 2012): My dad skimmed through a few articles back in March, and thought that it was a forum like Stormfront. You know, skinheads and stuff.

They now think it's socialist propaganda, despite barely knowing anything about the site. Poor fools :(
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: wow
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: I will now post their self proclaimed titles like they are high ranking officers
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: guts12: Title: Insane Survivor
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Cydonia: Title: We are accidents waiting to happen
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Gre
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Greenlamp: Title: My lamp is
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: green
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: guts12 wrote: I just act really immature. Helps me cope with the world. If I think about it too much, I am saddened by the entrapment we face within this world, and the horrors of it. So acting immature and computing really aids my survival.
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: nice
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Here is a post from a thread called "School Computer nazi spies"
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Avi-Bird (Title: World Changer): Hi. So today, we were doing the PSAT (practice act i guess..or sat..i dont know nor do i care...anyways) i was doin that computer program. kinda got bored. so i figured, fuck, if im not gunna work on this, ill read the news. I only follow a few select sources of news. natural news, RTnews and Infowars being the top 3 for me. So I was on info wars, reading up on GMO corn, and there was a petition to sign to stop Monsanto from selling their frankincorn to wal-mart. so i signed it and emailed it to 3 people i know. I continue to read the news and mind my own business, apparently the school doesnt know a thing about privacy. The lady in the front (i sat in the front v_v') took her oh so bad ass control computer, went onto my screen, X'd out of the news, and clicked on the SAT thing for me. I saw the mouse, fly across my screen (first thought it was just a shitty mouse) then it happened a 2ND TIME. Then i see. Ah. The stupid hag keeps X'ing out of the news. Great. So i keep clicking on internet and opening the news page. she keeps X'ing out. so i just turn off my computer all together and sit there till the bell rang (it was going to ring in 5 minutes anyways) and then when i got up, i slammed my chair in, walked over to my friend, and said "man, this damn school is full of commie nazis with their bullshit internet" and left the room with him. I think its crazy how this cunt handled the situation. She could of said "hey, get working on that psat!" but no. she went at it the wrong way and very creepily...This reminds me of commies and nazis. NO! YOUR NOT DOING OUR WORK! NO INTERNET FOR YOU!! or like in china. you cant google certain things because they are blocked- or something like that, to an extent. Maybe this bitch didnt like the news because maybe shes a republican, or has different political views. I think this could violate with an amendment, freedom of press, excuse me if i do not use the right terminology. but you guys see what im saying? this is out of hand really. Im going to
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: do the usual morning news read up next wednesday when we are in the room. I will film it on my ipod then post it to here somehow next week, if this weirdo does it again. Thoughts on the situation? Opinions? Ideas for next time? Let me know. Discussion is open! Thanks! Smile
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: You reading it?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: yeah
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Wow lol
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: They were controlling his computer
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: That's wrong
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: OH GAWD
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: ITS SAYS
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: ???
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Oh woaz
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Go here and look at the first reply
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus:
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: nvm
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: third reply
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: nope 4th
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Im freaked out bro
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: You see it?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Yeah
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: It says my ip and that I am running FireFox with Bellsouth
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: eh
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: wat dafuq is bellsouth
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: AT&T
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: no shit
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: not my choice
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: We are in financial debt and we don't have money for luxurious items and services
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Hopefully it would be paid off by next year
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist is now Away.
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll​lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist is now Online.
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: what?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Ah uhuuh
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: ??????????????????????????????????/
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: WAT
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: One of the threads says just found a condom in the toilet
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: ??????????????????????????????
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: ..........
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: ohgodwhy.jpg
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: All it says is Most likely from 17 year old bro. What do?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: what do? is that even a valid question?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Its like saying "This hits wooden"
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: "It gives us hyper"
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: lolwut?
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: lol
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Hammer hits wooden
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Sugar gives us hyper
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Oh this is an interesting thread
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I'm loling so hard right now
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: night.artist(Title: 3.28.11): My dad is a firm believer in the "I'm the adult, you're the child, you listen to me!" thing. Yeah, you may be an adult, but you're also a psychopathic alcoholic with abusive tendencies. He's always like "you have no rights, you're not an adult" blah blah blah. According to him i have no right to cry. When i cry he tells me to shut the fuck up and stop crying.

I'm all for respect and stuff. And when I meet someone, young or old, I'll respect them. But when they start disrespecting me then it's all downhill for them. I'm a believer in the treat others how you wish to be treated thing. I wish to be treated with respect therefore I show respect. However, you treat me with disrespect, so you must wish for disrespect and therefore you will receive disrespect. So don't start with this "I'm an adult, respect me" bullshit. You are disrespectful to me, therefore you don't deserve my respect.
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Nice one
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: This guy's got some balls
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Derchin(Title: Summation of parts): "The purpose of the education system."
"The flaw in your logic is that our education system is intended to develop various people to be able to do various different types of jobs which requires diversity. The lack of diversity in the education system demonstrates an assumption that everyone with the same skill set can do any type of job. Therefore the education system is flawed based on their own assumptions."

The purpose of the education system is to give a BASIC education, something that EVERYBODY should have in life. If you want specialized education, that's what college is for. Shut your piehole and deal with it.
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: wat
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Exactly
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I still want specialized edication
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: ....
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: This guy is obviously in college right now
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: This is for school only
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: not collecge
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: college*
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: ikr
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: NO
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: ITS A BOOK
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: YOU READ IT
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: I don't need a damn rubric from writing, writing is about creativity... for all they now the rubric is incorrect and highly unnecessary
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: OH UH
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: NO
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Also... the only useful thing that I find writing for is for a resume for college or some shit... but what are the chances that the college is going to be so damn specific of what you write
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Last time I checked a resume is just a list of shit you've done and not an essay on how you got lost in the grocery store
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Exactly
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: That's the only thing colse to writing
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: close*
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Kretus (8:16 PM): " you got lost in the grocery store"
{NBG} ([HLF]) Kretus: Im planning on posting this in the School Talk and venting Section
{NBG} ([HLF]) Lambda Physicist: Alright, go ahead

"I remember the first time I died. Facing down my foe was to be expected. Even inevitable. Resurrected, my soul awoke and my battles were fought harder. Death became my friend. I remember the first time I died. But dying gets easier; it's how you die that leaves your mark. Prepare to die..."
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A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam

Well that was a long conversation... wasn't it?

[Image: steam.php?id=npabon11&pngimg=gordon2&tborder=0]
10-16-2012 10:27 AM
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RE: A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam

Yep. Kinda tuned out about halfway.

Previously known as Derchin.
10-16-2012 10:36 AM
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A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam

10-16-2012 11:35 AM
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RE: A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam

I need friends like these at my school or I will be forever alone through middle and high school.

Congratulations humanity,because you refuse to let go of the old and evolve you actually make people believe in 2012. Not only that, but you're the only species on Earth that were able to make it possible, now we get to sit until we die because we couldn't get to Mars. We have failed as a society and don't deserve our gifts to survive for this long. Maybe this is why dinosaurs are extinct, we sure aren't any better than the dirt you say we're created from.! Noo

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10-16-2012 01:16 PM
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RE: A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam

Me too.Hug
(10-16-2012 01:16 PM)EmpathyLover Wrote:  I need friends like these at my school or I will be forever alone through middle and high school.
10-16-2012 04:42 PM
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A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam

Oh hey, 3 new people in one thread... hi guys Smile

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10-17-2012 01:06 AM
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RE: A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam

(10-17-2012 01:06 AM)SoulRiser Wrote:  Oh hey, 3 new people in one thread... hi guys Smile
Also, loving the stick arena icon.

Also a fairly good quote for you

Sociopath Wrote:
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hewhodestroysall Wrote:Honestly I never figured the point of the esrb.
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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas, Tinker v. Des Moines (1969) Wrote:In our system, state-operated schools may not be enclaves of totalitarianism. School officials do not possess absolute authority over their students. Students in school as well as out of school are "persons" under our Constitution."
Rebelnerd Wrote:Human rights are being violated by US law enforcement. This is what the media is here for, you're supposed to be the watchdogs! You're supposed to stand up for the downtrodden, not belittle them as though all their problems amount to nothing more than some angry glares toward parents and sabotaging their computers.
I've seen so much shit done to youth and for some reason, this has made me angrier than I've felt in years. Abuse and oppression happens all over the world. It's a terrible reality of modern society, but we've all accepted that it happens and we're doing what we can to fight it and build a better world.
But this...this mindless, condescending disrespect toward people who have no legal voice with which to defend themselves, this reduction of parents' betrayal into a cheap crack about kids being's like watching a surgeon joke about life insurance while his patient bleeds to death on the operating table. The media's job is to protect society from oppression and they've drawn a clear line between the people worth protecting and the people that don't matter. How can they people sleep at night?

You're a journalist. DO. YOUR. FUCKING. JOB.

(04-28-2010 08:17 AM)Liquid Wrote:  Laws never seem to help people fight School. Laws only matter if the students are braking them...

(12-03-2011 07:40 AM)SoulRiser Wrote:  Solution to all these problems: don't fuck people you can't negotiate with in a civilized manner.
(02-09-2012 02:14 PM)Absentinsomniac Wrote:  The only solution is democratic self-paced education where students can excel in what they are good at and work on what their not if necessary, AT THEIR OWN DAMN PACE IN THEIR OWN DAMN WAY.

Don't Board the Censor Ship
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10-17-2012 06:00 AM
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RE: A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam

(10-17-2012 06:00 AM)McGee! Wrote:  
(10-17-2012 01:06 AM)SoulRiser Wrote:  Oh hey, 3 new people in one thread... hi guys Smile
Also, loving the stick arena icon.

Also a fairly good quote for you

Lol, the majority of the people I come across don't notice that it was a Stick Arena icon. ^^

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10-17-2012 06:57 AM
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RE: A long anti school conversation with a friend of mine over steam

(10-16-2012 11:35 AM)SaintVicious Wrote:  tl;dr

Didn't think anyone would... heh heh.

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10-17-2012 07:08 AM
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