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How to Post Pictures
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Darthmat Offline

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How to Post Pictures

I realize that this forum in specific is heavy on pictures, and that it is easier to upload them as an attachment on SS. But as Soul pointed out, the server can not hold all of that. (Don't ask me for why, ask Soul.)
So, please upload the images through other methods. Here are a couple: - This is a very easy site to use. Once you sign up, all you do is login, click upload, browse through your files, select it, and you're done. On the site itself there is an option to copy and paste the image link, with the [IMG] BB code already around it. I suggest this site. - I personally don't use this one, so I couldn't tell you how it works or if it's good. But it is without a doubt one of the most common sites used for image uploading. - This site is for all sorts of files. Images included. Sign up, and quick and easy uploads. I have personally used this one, and it works fine.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please post 'em.

NOTE: To post images from a foreign site, right click, and select 'copy image location.' Paste that into your post, and put
around the copied link.

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05-13-2008 08:49 PM
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SoulRiser Offline
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Re: Pictures

I approve this post. Yes
Good idea.

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05-14-2008 08:13 AM
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WildFire Offline

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Re: How to Post Pictures

i also approve, bout time someone put up sometihng like this.

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05-16-2008 08:19 AM
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NiteRaidah Offline

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Re: How to Post Pictures

TinyPic & are both pretty good for hosting images, as well. I think you can host an unlimited amount of images on Slide.

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05-18-2008 02:53 AM
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arthasmenethil Offline

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Re: How to Post Pictures

Maybe I should use this method to post a picture of myself.
Yeah, but some other time when I'm not so lazy.

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05-18-2008 08:18 AM
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I Must Enter a Username Away
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RE: How to Post Pictures

(05-13-2008 08:49 PM)Darthmat Wrote:

This site is great. Lots of interesting books you can get just by uploading random lame stuff.
06-09-2014 12:33 PM
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