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opinions? - riverphoenix - 03-09-2017 03:48 PM

okay so this probably isn't a big deal but my mom is making me go to church 4 times a week instead of 2 (we're jehovah's witnesses and stuff) and she's making me go to Spanish and English but she knows i fucking HATE going and thinks if she takes me to the english "version" of the church or whatever you wanna call it, i'll make some progress or whatever. thing is, i've never liked going and i dont plan on staying in that religion EVER since i wanna go to college and become a singer and all that good stuff. and i can't just tell her straight out that i dont wanna go anymore because she'll kick me out of the house. so i was wondering if there is a way i can get out of going to church altogether or if i would just have to deal with it until im 18. i don't think trying to reason with her would work. anyways, yeah i need opinions on this.

RE: opinions? - L0KI - 03-10-2017 02:57 AM

You could fake an illness from time to time
Maybe distract yourself with things that entertain you while youre there

opinions? - Geicosuave - 03-10-2017 08:35 AM

Church isn't like school, so it won't impact your future if you just don't do work at all. What if you told your mom you didn't want to be religious?

RE: opinions? - sswbm - 03-13-2017 12:04 AM

(03-11-2017 12:13 AM)Nockmatte Wrote:  Hi! I think that fake an illness is a good idea. But.... Oh, may be it`s a GREAT idea just to wait untill 18Scratchchin

Wait with what exactly? And for years?

opinions? - James Comey - 04-01-2017 09:01 AM

User is a spambot lol

RE: opinions? - the Analogist - 04-01-2017 01:22 PM


opinions? - James Comey - 04-01-2017 02:23 PM

Jop responded to a spambot. Not referring to OP.