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My Long-Ass Rant About My School - Sadly_Not - 02-28-2017 01:54 PM

can i please rant for a bit about my school?

my school, for being a catholic school and all and is supposed to nurture the faith and all that...does a shockingly horrible job at it. in fact, the religion department’s attitude has turned people away from the catholic faith.

my sister who was a lukewarm catholic when she enter as a freshman, is now completely cold towards the faith as a junior. i will be honest, the same thing has been happening to me due to how they try to ‘foster’ the faith.

the freshman day of recollection is the absolute WORST day i ever had there thus far. they have the same talks and a skit which year after year have caused students outright mental breakdowns and panic attacks. i am not exaggerating i was in the bathroom trying to avoid everyone and this girl comes in sobbing due to that shitty skit. then one of the creepy sisters that my dad has told me to outright avoid, pulls me into her office and tries to get me to talk about the problems in my heart. i wanted to die, outright die, that was so mentally distressing and o my god. this was one of the only days were i considered outright running out of the building, screw the consequences, attendance was mandatory and if you didn’t attend, you would be forced into a ‘makeup session’

another thing is the Lumen Christi club which has been dubbed as the ‘Jesus Cult’ by some people. they have one hundred people at MOST in their club/cult. however they love to force the other eight hundred of us to move our schedules around for meetings that could have been easily scheduled some other time . they also put pieces of paper saying things like’ if you judge someone you don't have the time to love them’ on every single locker in the school without any of the user’s of the locker’s permission.

the religion classes are not good there either. my dad who works there says there's a reason why the religion department has never had a teacher from there win the teaching award. the content makes it uninviting to try to learn about the faith, it's way too dense and hard to be reasonably learned by a high school student . i mean one religion teacher says that taking birth control is the same as having an abortion! like what? christ im all for no abortions but how can you say something so wrong and stupid?

another thing is that the head honcho of the religion department sends out these emails. i want to share a funny one with you all. the email is for a retreat ya see? and the email says ‘all are welcome’. then one sentence later its says:

1) girls only

2) no freshman

so all are welcome but not really? what?

she also sent out emails telling us of the bishop’s birthday and lets just say that we don't have a very good bishop... he’s the bishop who essentially called obama the spawn of satan. i don't like obama either but he doesn't deserve to be called by such a vile title.

our service hours have to follow these really strict guidelines. essentially you MUST have human interaction during your service hours. you cant work with animals or help clean up, you must serve talk and serve people directly...UNLESS its for a religious themed thinger (like me in choir, luck ducky) like for the mission trip lumen christi outright said you can just move boxes down there and have it count for service hours. there is literally no other time in which that would count. the mission trip is also allowed to be an overnight trip, breaking a diocese wide rule that there can be no overnight field trips. this is literally a week down in florida but god forbid if a history class stays two days in state for a particularly hefty field trip. this same diocese also took away our eighth grade field trip for no good reason..(my 8th grade hm teacher was pretty crushed over that i think...)

anyway sorry for all the grammar mistakes and wasting your time. i just needed to get this off my chest.