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I think I'm banned from the library for a while.. - L0KI - 02-22-2017 05:09 AM

Everyday I go to the library for lunch because the internet connection there is far better than the cafe. So, I usually go straight to the library from my class but instead I decided to stop by the cafe to grab some food. I asked my second bell teacher for a pass to go to the library, he said yes. Then I went to the cafe to get some food and head out. I walk into the library and show the lady my pass. (If you go to the library with a pass after the bell rings, they'll let you in.) She said that this wasn't allowed. No further explanation was given until I said that's dumb. Then she said you need a cafeteria lady to sign the pass. My mind exploded. How will they be able to reach out to me when they're feeding over 500 kids? The line is very long and if I had to get a lunch lady to sign my pass I'd have to make a new one because my second block teachers signature apparently isn't allowed even thought I've done it many times and just 2 days ago they decide ''Oh! You're not allowed to do this. You can't be in here.'' It's really messed up. Anyways, since I can't do anything but speak, I walk out saying ''crappy system.'' I couldn't see the look on her face because I walked out the door as I was saying it. Surely I'm not allowed because that lady thinks she can ban anyone she wants from entering if someone does something she doesn't like.