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Hi - Anonymous125 - 02-16-2017 05:28 PM


I'm french, and I hate school. Now I'm free from any school obligations, but I suffered from the school dictatorship even when I was at the university. For example, in the french universities, for the computer science degree and master, there are "lessons" of communication and management obligatory, and internships in business obligatory, instead of useful lessons of computer science. Some universities even force the students to do sport, and some extremely fascists but popular political groups want to force every university students to do sport.

I think the whole planet is controlled by fascists that hate the young and use schools to accustom the people to obey.

Hi - Gwedin - 02-16-2017 06:11 PM

fucking fascistic communist liberals

hi and stuff. i like france be my friend please

Hi - brainiac3397 - 02-17-2017 02:26 PM

I hate the French for their college system. Sure, the Prussian system is brutal for K-12 but for colleges, the Prussian system was basically "college is the major" and students would study whatever the fuck they wanted under guidance of the professors and those who showed schoalrly talent would graduate.

The US used to have this system but it's shifted to the current system of the French where colleges are for specific fields of study where students are expected to graduate into those fields and work in them for life.

Education needs reform top to bottom.