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most dangerous schools - magok - 02-12-2017 08:11 PM

hello this is my first post.

if you think schools in the us are bad then watch these videos and think again

in the alshamkha city in the UAE there 3 well known schools who are famed for how bad their students are and their names are, jarn yafoor (yafoor's horn), al ta'aoun (the unity) and al hosen (the fort), but sadly only al hosen and al ta'aoun have videos about them and jarn yafoor dosnt so here they are.

just a regular school day at al hosn yes this school has a military class and you get payed for it at the end of each year, nice isnt it, well it is until you drown in your own sweat

when al ta'aoun students get bored this is also common during the national day

now on to KSA, no need to comment cuz i am at a loss for words.

what do you guys think Smile