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I'm going to get permanently excluded from school - Marlena403 - 02-07-2017 05:31 AM

And that's because of that stupid teaching assistant. Today, my stupid teaching assistant sent me to a stupid meeting during art only to keep me away from my art teacher and to make my life miserable. The teacher from the meeting wanted to do the same thing. And so did my Pastoral Leader. She said that if I don't go to the stupid meeting when I'm supposed to be in art, she'll permanently exclude me. And I'm below everyone, including other students. That means I'm no more than trash and everyone else is more important. Even other students. I missed too many art lessons already. When I got to a meeting, I threw two markers and yelled at my teaching assistant. She made a boy go to a meeting at Period 4 and a Year 11 girl at Period 1. The boy couldn't go to the meeting at Period 5. I DON'T CARE! The boy should've been in a meeting at Period 3 and the Year 11 girl at Period 5! But no, because the teaching assistant is stupid! She knows I like art and takes me out of it?! I just wanted to beat up this stupid lady! I hate her! She should burn in hell along with the teacher from the meeting, my Pastoral Leader and the four kids that had meetings during other lessons! Why won't this stupid lady get out of my life. She even lied to me that she wants to make me the best I can be. Seriously? By taking me out of lessons that I enjoy, only so that she can make my life miserable?!

Maybe my Pastoral Leader is right. I must not have favourite teachers because others don't. The reason why no one else is taken out of their favourite lessons is because other students don't have favourite lessons, hate all subjects and hate all teachers. Guess I need to be like that as well. But how do I start hating a teacher that I like and has never done anything bad to me? And how do I start hating a subject that I always liked?

Tomorrow I have DT and I'm afraid I'll be taken out of it too. Either I'll get permanently excluded, or will have to go to a stupid meeting again. I'm going to get excluded from school at some point.

I have told one of the teachers about this and she told me to apologise to my Teaching Assistant and didn't say anything more. I'm obviously going to get permanently excluded from school. I don't even want to be excluded.

Please help.

By the way, I left some of my things in school and need to get them back. I won't be able to do it if I get excluded.

I'm going to get permanently excluded from school - Geicosuave - 02-07-2017 05:53 AM

It's okay to have favorite teachers and lessons, that's only natural. It's not your fault you're treated so harshly for natural human emotions, it's their fault for doing so. Conformity isn't usually the right choice.

I understand you're scared of being expelled, but I'm sure everything will be okay. That school was shit, so you might be able to find a better one. Even if the other options don't sound good, you really only hear the horror stories. For example, where I live, a kid tried to set fire to the school (this was in Year 5 or 6) but really the school isn't so bad

And they'll let you get your stuff, don't worry

I'm going to get permanently excluded from school - Sadly_Not - 02-07-2017 06:27 AM

I'm very sorry for you! I wish the best for you and that you get to a better school soon!

I'm going to get permanently excluded from school - SoulRiser - 02-09-2017 02:03 AM

Your reaction is totally natural and understandable. I hope things work out for you... what do your parents think about this? Can you get them to sort things out with the school?

I'm going to get permanently excluded from school - Marlena403 - 02-20-2017 05:07 AM

Update: They did let me get my stuff back and they let me perform in Fame as well, but I can still get permanently excluded if I'm not careful. My Pastoral Leader hasn't yet been told that I misbehaved during a meeting.