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[essay] help - klara - 10-08-2016 12:24 AM

hey guys..just need your help..with essay writing..actually writing isn't that hard and I think I'm doing pretty good job, taking into account English isn't my native language..but whenever I get my papers back, there's always a D or an E on them..I do try talking to my teacher but she just keeps ignoring me or just says my essay isn't good enough..she's not giving me proper feedback based on which I can I came here to share one of my latest works so that you can tell what I should work on..many thanks

“Attack or defend the practice of advertising by doctors and lawyers”

For major commercial companies, advertising is a no-brainer. How else could brands like Coca Cola or McDonald’s have grown as large as they have if it weren’t for their advertising and marketing campaigns?

However, these companies offer universal products that remain unchanged on a day-to-day basis. One bottle of Coke tastes the same as the next one. The same goes for Big Macs and McNuggets. The quality of the product will be the same no matter who purchases it. And, if the quality of the product isn’t up to snuff, the customer can cite the company’s advertised claims and ultimately be entitled to a refund.

For doctors and lawyers, though, this is hardly the case. Because every single patient or client offers a unique challenge, it is impossible to make guarantees similar to those made by product-centric companies. There are simply too many variables involved in both the healing and legal processes for doctors or lawyers to, in good conscience, make concrete claims in their advertisements.

Though it is not illegal for doctors and lawyers to advertise their services, they must do so in a tasteful, professional and ethical manner. When creating advertisements, doctors and lawyers must be increasingly prudent, and avoid ambiguous language that has even the slightest potential of misleading clients.

While companies such as Coca Cola can easily mitigate claims of false advertising with simple refunds or out-of-court settlements, the effects of false advertisement on clients of doctors and lawyers are much more serious - and, depending on the circumstances, may constitute negligence. Because of this, both entities are held to a much higher standard when it comes to advertising.

Though both doctors and lawyers, like any other business owner, need to advertise their services to the public, they must take into consideration that their business is not in providing a concrete, carbon-copy product. It’s in providing the best service for every individual who walks through their door.
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[essay] help - Sadly_Not - 10-09-2016 01:41 PM

This essay seems pretty good! But I don't know what grade you are writing it for like it may just be that the teacher has a really strict grading scale. If rubrics are given out, I would suggest using them.