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Aviation - HSHARK - 07-31-2016 02:52 PM

Alright. Up until this point my career goal is computer science. But it seems that being a programmer is a very tiring job and could have potential health hazards on my life. So now I am considering a career in aviation because its yearly salary is similar to that of most computer science jobs ($60000 to $100000). The most plausible careers in this field for me is either pilot or mechanic. So my school offers classes about such career and I might take them next year. My parents might object to my choice but I should just explain to them that being a programmer would take a toll on my future health and that you can earn similar wages as a pilot. Of course, I'm not giving up my programming skills. I will continue to update my website with new technologies and I will keep writing my newspaper about school. I just don't want to code for a living.