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the story of Ibrahim - the Analogist - 02-18-2016 08:26 AM

I take great inspiration from this narrative as I suspect you all will as well.

Abraham, known is Islam as Ibrahim, was the son on an idol maker who one day asked his dad a simple question "why do you worship what you create with your own hands?"

Of course his dad flipped out and he decided to leave home.

He continued his preaching and time after time he was rejected and ridiculed. Eventually after reaching old age he had two sons whom he prayed for, that his ancestors would stay on his path of worshiping the One True God.

Step aside now from the religious tones to find the allegory.

How often is it that we build up structures and institutions with great meaning and purpose behind them? Slogans, rituals, all of which we create to celebrate our genius. Credentials we give, castes we assign, all with reference to our glorious customs.

Oh how those favored by school scorn in bewilderment over the plight of those who rejected it. "Your hard life is your own fault" they say. Since the employer is what is important, your labor is valued only to the extent of your contribution, not based on you.

The middle ground between truth and falsehood is indeed quite popular to claim "there is some good in it", except that like clay or wooden statues school is irrelevant. How much will the child of honest good people benefit from school? How much will the child of stupid cowardly parents benefit from school? All children will remain who they are unless they allow themselves to be made into something else, with school as a mere footnote assigned meaning only by a believer.

I like to think that I am following Ibrahim's example. I am speaking to those who will listen, and I have children I intend to raise by the standards I described in my thread called "the Three Category System".

Each of us will have unique circumstances to confront in our lives, but we must try to break the cycle of stupidity even if it is called "culture" or "custom" or "normal".

Work on yourself. Find somebody who has the same ethics and values. Have kids when you are young and work your ass off to provide the best possible life for them. Teach them yourself, and if you have a hard time of it, be sure to note what you've learned through difficulty and pass it on as well. Ask for advice in life, and be sure that your own experiences, your own life lessons, don't die with you!

the story of Ibrahim - brainiac3397 - 02-18-2016 10:26 AM

He later proceeded to walk into the temple that held all the idols while the townsfolk were at a festival and basically smashed all the idols to pieces. He left a single idol which he placed the axe he used in it's hand, and when the townsfolk freaked the hell out and he was like "Eyy you believe your idols have abilities but don't believe me when I say one of your idols did this?"

Then the townsfolk got rekt.

the story of Ibrahim - Rule_BreakerXVIII - 02-19-2016 02:14 AM

I think you might be interested in this.

You haven't specified what your religious beliefs are, so...Anton LaVey basically said the same thing about theism in general, stating that it is man who created his gods, rather than said gods creating man. I guess the same is true about a lot of social institutions, but there is usually a reason why they're created; all those social institutions arose from some kind of need our ancestors had, even if most of the same points are probably moot now. I think we should analyze those reasons before bringing them down and creating our own, lest we end up repeating the mistakes the previous generation made.

the story of Ibrahim - brainiac3397 - 02-19-2016 12:22 PM

I took cross-culture and religion anthro class. Learned alot about common human social "innovations" despite lack of proximity or contact.

I still identify as religious, but I've taken a practical view to most stuff so...stuff.

RE: the story of Ibrahim - the Analogist - 02-19-2016 03:49 PM

To be honest, my Three Category System is mostly an attitude which can be used as a framework for designing methods of teaching.

Being aware of human fallacies such as, "i have a degree therefore..." is I think a big chunk of the lesson in the story. Spending a lot of time around hierarchy you start to see how seeds of arrogance find fertile soil in many too mindless to care, so strengthening the brain is ultimately the solution to most issues.

RE: the story of Ibrahim - James Comey - 04-21-2017 02:23 PM

Yeah, I get the sentiment.

In my case, I kinda realize how meaningless some things really are, and it's pointless to bow down. Actually if you look at it modern society looks towards idols such as politicians and they'll even do mental gymnastics in order for their beliefs such as religion to fit the mold of their idols.

Actually that's why I stopped taking "religious" people seriously. They're only religious in the sense when their cherry-picked religious beliefs conform to their mindset and political ideology but if they're directly challenged in this regard, they'll do some really stupid mental gymnastics in order to avoid being challenged.