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[GOSS 3] League of Nations - Ky - 03-26-2015 06:05 AM

The League of Nations

This is where the nations of Cadsira meet and discuss international business. For the sake of convenience, a guide to the game, summary of what has happened so far, and overview of the world will also be provided here.

New Player FAQ: (Click to View)

Game Rules: (Click to View)

Summary of Game Events: (Click to View)

Map of Cadsira: (Click to View)

Nations and Point Tallies: (Click to View)

The League of Nations is now open.

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - Ky - 03-29-2015 06:12 AM

The Custodians of the League of Nations hereby call the international delegation to order, recognizing at last the sovereignty of the following six nations and their governments: Arisyan, The Islands of Three, Luvania, The New Empire, Sonar Hills, and Wastreu.

(OOC: If you guys have any suggestions for the game rules and/or the FAQ, I'm all ears. New players, feel free to ask the League for a nation at any time.)

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - brainiac3397 - 03-29-2015 01:02 PM

OOC:Guarantee Arisyan will be first on the moon due to magical expertise. Don't even bother ppl. BTW what are the free isles?

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - Ky - 03-29-2015 01:26 PM

(OOC: The Free Isles are neutral territory, and a critical part of the trade routes that run through the Gulf of Creation. Many traders - and pirates - make frequent stops there. I figure it might be a good staging point for casual conversation between characters.)

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - brainiac3397 - 03-29-2015 02:13 PM

(OOC:Can I create a myth or something in the mountains to the North-West? Give that area some sort of some source of unique magical source. Or maybe a hidden cult of witches or seers. Purpose being to create a special storyline involving adventurers seeking whatever is up there)

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - Ky - 03-29-2015 02:17 PM

(OOC: I don't know. Guys, what do you think?)

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - Subb - 03-29-2015 02:28 PM

(A man hobbles into the meeting room with a cane. He only looks about fourty, but is incredibly pale and thin. He is wearing a black on black suit, has eyeliner on, and has a red piercing on his left ear and a purple one on the left side of his lower lip, indicating his allegiance to the Devout Path. A collared jaguar follows him in. He immediately sits down in a chair.)

Hello everyone. Excuse my appearance, maintaining a powerful spell 24/7 takes a lot out of you. If it pleases you to know, my distance from the Shield has suspended me from that duty, so my condition will improve over the course of my stay. Also, don't mind Fluffy, she's harmless.

So, hi. I am here representing the great nation of Luvania. It's a nation that is a really good friend to have and a really bad enemy to make. Just a precaution, Over my term as High Messenger, I've learned that my trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. So please be careful with your dealings from this point onward. We already know one of you is a lying sack of shit, so let's hope the rest are at least decent.

So... What does Luvania have to offer everyone else in Cadsira? That's why I brought Fluffy, actually! The Wise and the Caring have developed a process that makes exotic animals suitable for house pets! Fluffy here can thrive on packaged meat, will only attack people who pose a threat to their owner, and loves to snuggle and play with basketballs! Jaguars and other animals are currently in loving homes, and are extremely popular in rural areas where they can fend off dangerous animals!

Luvania really thinks this can be a benefit everyone, so here's what we ask; A program to make this process global, so all nations may has exotic housepets like Fluffy. This can be done either by sending exotic wildlife to Luvania to be domesticated and then sent back, or we could send teams of expert scientists and mages to all nations who want it, and keep it close to home. Or, we could set up a colony in every biome, specifically for this purpose, if you want. The choice is yours.

What do you say?-Mr Oxford

(OOC: My nation is Luvania. Lady. Lunar. We're getting to the Moon first. So, we either work together, or we have a Space Race on our hands. Also, Luvanism makes you a decent mage by default, let alone the years of training you get. (Sticks out tounge.) Oh, I like the idea of the myth in the mountains. Do it. )

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - Ky - 03-29-2015 02:40 PM

King Benjamin XII of the State of Wastreu remains seated, nodding disinterestedly.

Speaker Valarius is more talkative, as suits his role. He stands to his feet.

Valarius: And what does this domestication entail? How do we know these beasts aren't going to be used as tools of war? For all we know, you could be training these pets of yours to kill or maim the residents of our nations - I am certain that my country's Parliament would not approve of your... your... business arrangement without assurance of pure intentions.

The King strokes his chin thoughtfully as Valarius speaks, frowns, and rises as soon as the Speaker finishes.

Benjamin: Do pardon my esteemed associate - all of us in Wastreu have been concerned about security threats recently, so don't take his suspicions of foul play personally. I believe that your proposal could provide quite a significant benefit to all of us. Though, I have to ask... what do you have to gain from this?

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - craxyguy562 - 03-29-2015 02:52 PM

A black cat enters the room at about the same time as Mr. Oxford and takes a seat. After listening the black cat speaks.

Kiki: Hi, I'm Kiki of Sonar Hills and I just wanted to ask how the exotic pets will treat already domestic pets.

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - Ky - 03-29-2015 02:56 PM

Speaker Valarius looks at Kiki in alarm. "By Chanku's Beard," he stammers, "a talking cat!"

King Benjamin, having actually seen the denizens of Sonar Hills before, is not amused by his younger, less enlightened compatriot's remark.

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - Subb - 03-29-2015 03:25 PM

Erm... Sorry if I'm being insensitive here, I mean no ill feelings... But how can you talk? Anyway, to answer your question, the exotic pets will play with and be completely friendly to other pets. No need to worry on that front.

(Turns to the King.) Yes. I completely understand your concern. If it comforts you, you can provide people well knowing of the magical arts to oversee the entire process, making sure no shady things happen. You will find that the only alteration we have made to the animal is that they're able to develop and express love to humans as if they were their own species.

As for what Luvania has to gain... Well, money. If this deal were to go through, Luvania would be the heart of a global industry. We will take a cut of all profits, of course, but I will assure you that that cut will be fair. I'm thinking 40%, but feel free to suggest another rate of that one makes you uncomfortable. Also, the new pets from other places of the world we can import will help us out too.

But really, what's at the heart of it is that this opportunity is a welcome gift. We want to show you that we are good people. Think of it as a kindness, straight from the Lady to you. Please accept her open embrace, and accept the open embrace of Luvania to all nations. This gesture shows that The Lady is good to all people, and anyone who denies that has other motives, and does not have a pure heart. - Mr. Oxford

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - craxyguy562 - 03-29-2015 03:30 PM

Kiki: Oh I'm actually a witch. I just lost my clothes. Though there are regular animals that have learned to talk.

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - brainiac3397 - 03-29-2015 03:38 PM

The doors to the room are quietly opened, a faint whisper of wind lightly nudging the doors open. A towering figure appears, dressed in an elegant flowing pure white robe. In his hand an immaculate wooden staff with a bright and glowing purple crystal. Neither his feet, nor his robe, nor his staff touch the ground, hovering within inches of the surface. He begins to glide forward, but his thick white beard barely sways. His bright gold cloak flowed calmly behind him, seemingly creating a mystical breeze that comforted those who felt it.

"I, Grand Magi Lerrin Marq III of The Pyrine Withall, High Lord of the capital Castella, Arch-Librarian of The Esteemed Order of Gnosis, do announce my arrival and attendance at this League of Nations" The Grand Magi spoke with a deep but clear voice, despite his slim and elderly figure. He approached an available seat, and tapped it with his staff. Despite the light tap, the sound seemed to echo just beneath the threshold of hearing. The sound seemed to affect the ambiance of the room, lightening the area with an ethereal brightness.

The seat began to morph, growing into a large wooden throne, with a beautifully carved frame appearing as it continued to expand. Once it reached it's final growth, enough for the Grand Magi to sit with comfort, the seat began to turn as white as his robe. As soon as he sat down, the throne seemed to precisely conform to his body.

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - Subb - 03-29-2015 03:57 PM

So... With such a grand entrance, we can assume that you don't need to be caught up to speed? And we can alter the chairs as we wish? Cool, been meaning to do this since I've got here.

(Oxford clasps his hands in prayer, and then taps his cane to his chair, which makes a sound that sounds like metal clanging on wood. The chair morphs into a padded recliner, complete with massage settings and cup holders. He tucks his cane in the holder to the left and lounges back.)

Sorry, my weak knees really need to be babied. We were talking about the deal? (Oxford eyes the Grand Magi, seeing if he can pick up on what they were talking about before.)-Mr. Oxford

(OOC: i hope this is the beginning of a beautiful rivalry.)

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - brainiac3397 - 03-30-2015 02:19 AM

"I am fully aware of the discussion at hand, Magni Oxford" The Grand Magi's voice effortlessly flowed across the room. "However, I find this topic...superficial. Arisyan is not interested in trivial exotic animals. I have come for a deal of my own." The Grand Magi placed his staff on the ground, and it stood erect completely by itself. He then stood up from his chair.

"As many know, Arisyan itself is a naturally tropic climate. Without our magically-sustained temperate zone, our capital territory would be a difficult place to live as well as farm. This of course means only a small portion of our population is capable of economic growth. On behalf of the people of Arisyan, I've come to announce a deal. We offer access and training to a number of citizens of your nations at our Library and Academy, and in return we request that the origin nation provide some form of investment and aid so we may develop unsuitable land into fertile and sustainable farms and villages."

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - craxyguy562 - 03-30-2015 03:02 AM

Kiki listens to The Grand Magi's offer and thinks.

Kiki(just to The Grand Magi): Can you describe the training you are offering in more detail? What exactly will you teach them and are you willing to train anyone.

Kiki knows this is something that the representative of Kofuno would ask and as president of congress he must represent everyone, even the representatives themselves.

Kiki (to Oxford and the Grand Magi): Also those chair tricks you guys are doing are pretty cool. Changing the appearance of an object other then one's own body sounds difficult but then again you guys probably don't use the same magic as I do.

Kiki didn't mind throwing in his own opinion when he felt like it.

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - Ky - 03-30-2015 07:53 AM

Speaker Valarius rolls his eyes at the magical pissing contest and squirms uneasily in his unenchanted chair, while the King remains silent and listens intently to the conversation.

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - brainiac3397 - 03-30-2015 08:50 AM

"The seat thing is nothing fancy honestly. Once this session is over and I take my leave, the chair will immediately morph back into it's original state. The morphing is simply one of the magical abilities we've excelled in. The manipulation of nature through our inherent magical energy. The ability to glide is supported by the powerful magical fiber woven into my robe, which was created centuries ago by the first of the Pywith."

The Grand Magi then took a seat and continued.

"The training we shall offer will be up the level that our Magi of the 8th Order receive. We have 12 Orders, with 12 being the lowest and Nilis being the highest. They will receive training in temporary matter manipulation, basic healing, basic control of nature and the fundamentals of botanical alchemy. We must however first study the nominees to determine their ethos, as not all are...pure enough to safely handle our magic."

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - craxyguy562 - 03-30-2015 12:53 PM

Kiki: How strict is your purity test? Do factors other then personality and morals effect it?

That was definitely a Zuzzyloo question.

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - brainiac3397 - 03-30-2015 01:12 PM

"The purpose of the purity test is primarily for the safety of the practitioner. While standard magic might be simple to wield and practice, the art of manipulating nature to the extent the Pywith do requires a degree of moral and personal purity. Previous accidents have shown those with questionable 'spirits' have suffered devastating injuries...and sometimes death, when attempting to cast the magic necessary. It is possible for many to 'cleanse' themselves though, and our extent of study in this cleansing process has allowed us to help a significant amount of people achieve the minimum purity to practice at least some of this magic."

The Grand Magi paused for a second before continuing.

"There are other smaller factors like age, gender, bloodline, and natural magical ability that might affect a purity test but they're not very significant except in rare cases. We once had a candidate who was of the bloodline of a very dark family of sorcerers. We did manage to successfully purge the disease from him, but this would be an example"

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - Subb - 03-30-2015 02:04 PM

My nation simply has no need for your trivial knowledge and training. You mages' "discoveries" are elementery compared to what the Lady shows us. I would consider your work a way to get prepared for Luvanian teachings, at best.

However... I'll offer you this: We can set up an international program where we'll send students to your land and magically alter all pieces of land you want, making them suitable for farming. What your experienced mages do will be good practice for them. Homework, Grand Magi.

Also, I hope you see that you're refusing a kindness offered by the Lady herself. What did you call it? Superficial? I don't think the Lady is capable of superficial actions. I trust that anything she does has some meaning behind it. And if you don't trust that... Then I don't trust you. - Mr Oxford

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - brainiac3397 - 03-30-2015 02:12 PM

"An arrogant practioner can't master anything beyond their own inflated image. We will decline your request. We seek natural development of our territory, not the taint of what you call magic. Those are given the fish, never learn to catch it Oxford." The Grand Magi said with impeccable calm. The Pywith were well known for their stoicism as well as adherence to a balanced existence. Even their coldest and harshest of words never disgruntled those who observed it in many cases, though anger, haughtine, and ignorance would shield such people from this comforting touch.

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - Subb - 03-30-2015 02:49 PM

(Oxford gets out of his recliner. His face would be in a snarl if he was not comforted by the Magi's stoicness.)

Did you call our magic... "Taint?" And out mages "Arrogant?" If there are any words that are worthy of entering your oh so holy head, it better be these: You have insulted our Lady, you have insulted our nation, and you have insulted me. I will not stand for that. Look at this:

(Oxford takes off his sportcoat and unbuttons his shirt. His skin is a pastel white, and his stomach sunken in. There is no fat or muscle on his body, you can see all his ribs and the bones on his arms.)

Not pretty, is it? This is what happens when the magic is constantly drained from your body for nineteen years. But, it's the price I pay to ensure the safety of my country. This is what I do to make sure that mothers don't see their children burn to death, and that those children don't go to schools that are charred. Don't you dare tell me that I was the one who was given the fish.

(Oxford puts his shirt on and sits back down. He pulls out a PDA like device and starts typing on it.)

Magi, your statements against Luvania will be published, and we will decide together what will be done. I wish your nation the best of luck. May the Lady guide you to the right Way.-Mr. Oxford

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - brainiac3397 - 03-30-2015 03:25 PM

The Grand Magi gave the smallest of a grin when Mr.Oxford removed his shirt. The Grand Magi himself stood up, at his fullest height. He unbuttoned the top portion of his robe and pulled it carefully open. Beneath was skin was perfecf, it seemed impossible. The carefully carved muscular tone and vivid color was something rarely ever seen. His body even betrayed his apparently weather face and white beard. In his youth, he may have been a Greek God with a body like that. It was something never revealed at will, because of the humility ingrained in the greatest of the Pywith.

"You see Oxford, the positive magic of nature nourishes ones soul and body. Whatever magic you practice evidently drains ones life-force. It does not improve it. The fisher is strong and healthy, snowing his hard labor. I'll let this council determine who is fed, and who fishes. I'd be grateful if we could focus on actual matters of importance now, rather than the childish outcries that reverberate within this chamber". The Grand Magi buttoned his robe and took his seat. The robe, once closed, regained the perception of being a slim old man especially with his face being one of the few features that stood out when clothed.

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - Ky - 03-31-2015 02:19 AM

(OOC: *passes the popcorn around*)

The reactions from the Wastrean delegation are mixed. Speaker Valarius only just started paying attention, visibly swayed by Oxford's words about ensuring the safety of his country. King Benjamin, meanwhile, listens intently to the Grand Magi and maintains a similarly stoic expression, but frowns as the Magi finishes. He decides to speak up while Valarius scribbles something with a quill and scroll.

The King: We should indeed focus on matters of importance - the constructive use of magic is well and good, but it just isn't culturally significant to some of the nations accepted by this League. As this is the civilized world's first meeting, perhaps our discussion should focus on matters that already have a huge impact on our people. We can come up with magic trade agreements later - right now, I would like to bring a grave matter to your attention: The threat of the dragons.

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - craxyguy562 - 03-31-2015 04:17 AM

Kiki: How do you suggest we deal with the dragons and anyone who might try to help the dragons?

At this moment Kiki was worried a certain lava elemental might want to help the dragons because of her joy in burning things though he is not ready to share this yet because it is just a guess.

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - Subb - 03-31-2015 05:55 AM

Yes... The dragons... Well, we're actually working on several different things that might solve the problem of dragons. The most successful one by far is the magical Shield about 1000 feet off the coast. I feel that it has made us less of a target for them, but the spell collapses pretty regularly, and there are some dragons that are strong enough to push through. In order for it to be completely successful, we would need about 75,000 people to become magical siphons for the Shield, and all of our efforts to get people to sign up have only given us about 15,000 volunteers... You've seen what that work does. It has brought our causalities down dramatically, but this is only a short term solution.

Another way is to domesticate them, like we commonly do with jaguars and bees and such. But the mind of a dragon is pure chaos. We would need to completely restructure the brain just to make it feel any sort of affection, let alone redirecting it for humans. It would probably be decades before we learn how to do that.

The Lady has always predicted that we will one day make peace with the dragons, so destroying Dragon Island is out of the question. I feel there is a way to make them docile, benevolent even. Making peace with them is the only way to solve this problem.-Mr. Oxford

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - Ky - 04-01-2015 04:46 AM

Speaker Valarius: I couldn't disagree more. If you truly care about defending your people, focus your resources on exterminating these winged blights and pummeling their volcanic home back into the sea. As long as they exist, they will attempt to control our skies, burn down our villages, and threaten our expansion.

King Benjamin: To which "our" are you referring, Speaker?

Valarius: Well... each of our nations...

The King: No. This world belongs to everyone, not just us - nature and civilization alike are affected by our actions, and it is our responsibility to act in the best interests of both. You wish destruction on an entire species, but the Book of Fate tells us that destruction is the weapon of evil. We must try to find another way to deal with these dragons; if we are to be their predators, we are not to hunt them to extinction, and if we are to make peace with them somehow, we are not to enslave their minds.

Valarius: You can't tell us... your input is valuable, sire, but we must also not forget that whatever we do, we have to do it at as little cost to human- *looks across the room* -er, sapient life as possible. We need something with better results than an easily-broken magic shield.

RE: [GOSS 3] League of Nations - Subb - 04-01-2015 05:04 AM

Couldn't agree more, Your Majesty. But the quicker and easier way is the way of peace. The Lady says peace is the only way. The dragons are way too powerful to be hunted in any sort of efficient way. It took hundreds and hundreds of people to kill just one. Killing the dragons might be the simple approach, but it just isn't viable at all. - Mr. Oxford

[GOSS 3] League of Nations - brainiac3397 - 04-01-2015 05:18 AM

"I agree. These dragons must be dealt with, but destroying them would only serve to upset the natural balance of our world. It can not be said what might take their place if we were to exterminate them. I am willing to provide the suppo-" Before the Grand Magi could finish his sentence, a large eagle flew in through an open window of the chamber and landed directly on the staff of the Grand Magi.

He realized what it was due to the colored band around it's feet and reached for it to remove the small message tied to it. He released the bird, which remained waiting on his staff till he signaled it to leave. He read the message without any emotional sign, then rolled it up calmly and stood up.

"Oxford. I would like to know the meaning of this. I have here in my hand a report that you're people have launched an attack on the land of my people, and set a forest on fire. Is this a declaration of war? Are you so weakly that you must resort to such scheming tactics?" The Grand Magi spoke with a stoic tone, though the words themselves changed in ambiance, hot and smoldering. It was like the warm touch of a flame on a cold day that would quickly begin to scorch one's skin if they left their hand above it too long.