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My new dream log - James Comey - 02-08-2015 08:31 AM

February 7, 2015
I'm starting a new dream log because the old one is filled with old ones that I may read again and have a laugh at (or share some major psych concern), but aren't really me, for many, many reasons; some obvious, some subtle. Let's get it on.

From what I can remember, I was, for some reason, stuck in this poor African village. The population was mostly made up of poor African villagers, but for some reason a few animals from the Madagascar series (specifically the Penguins and the Lemurs) were present with the villagers (I don't know which part of Africa this took place, it may have been in Southeastern Africa although it may have been in the Ivory Coast or Sierra Leone). The villagers said some random things that I don't remember, some useful advice, while others making little sense. They all seemed to go on about their personal problems, such as with poverty or the government, as well. Funny enough though, there was this room that was real, real nice; it was incredibly luxurious compared to the rest of the village. It had this incredibly realistic video game driving simulator in which I was driving this luxury car throughout various highways. I think I remember taking a drive from Nairobi to Gaborone. The highway was surrounded by desert (although it was two lane like an interstate, and rather busy for such an area), and I think I'd remembered reaching my destination (Gaborone), and attempting to take an exit, and I remember not having full control of the car. It felt so real that I quit the game, only to get out of the room and return ot the village. It was a shifting dream, by the way.

As I mentioned, it was a shifting dream; so I occasionally would shift from the African village to an entirely different situation, which involved my family being in my old 2-room apartment, and moving back in. We moved back in because my brother had finally moved out, and was no longer living with us. I remember being so happy with the situation, it probably took place a year into the future or so. I don't remember this one too much (although I overheard my mom discussing other places we were thinking of moving to), but it stuck with me anyway.

INTERPRETATION(S): The first one is pretty darn interesting. Perhaps it was a way for my psyche to complain about personal issues I have with society (specifically being autistic and feeling deprived because of having it), but the second part of it was really, really, interesting. I think driving in the highway represents wanting to be free from school, and also wanting to be a much more independent person than I already am. Perhaps crashing the car represents a hidden anxiety I have with life; being scared to make risky decisions.

The second one is more or less the latter part of the first interpretation. Perhaps wanting to be away from family members and having my own place as well, so it ties in with the independence.

My new dream log - Missile - 02-08-2015 09:11 AM

Remember that one dream that I had involving Braniac and Night?

I had a dream a couple nights ago about Team Star Fox destroying ISIS a couple of nights ago

My new dream log - James Comey - 02-09-2015 06:08 AM

February 8, 2015
Let's see where I can get this from.... huh.

I remember seeing Officer Frank Tenpenny from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas harassing me. He was harassing me into doing things that I didn't feel like doing. I remember the kind of place I was in: I was in a basement looking-like place, it almost felt deprived. I knew I had no choice, so I did what Tenpenny wanted me to do (I also remember eating doughnuts in the dream; they tasted very nice and it felt very realistic). I don't remember exactly what was going on, but for some reason I remember this part of the dream where I began putting landmines throughout various roads, and watching all these different cop cars explode on impact (they were modern-day Crown Vics with the LAPD/LSPD livery). I was in the back of these truck just throwing these explosives at them; I must've been with someone else, but I don't remember.

Again, this was a dream that would "shift"; so every now and then I'd get a completely different dream from the once I just described, and then shift back, for no apparant given reason.

The next one was me going through various schools in the United States, except the schools looked a lot worse. Many of these schools looked more like urban jungles that came out of a documentary about the Rust Belt, or the crack epidemic in the early 90s. I remember seeing all these depressed kids just walking with their books and stuff; it was obvious that they were autistic, introverted, or had some other feature/trait that put them in a really bad position at the school/ghetto, and therefore of a deprived class. I remember seeing kids get beat, bullied, extorted, etc; the whole dream was like a documentary form. Unlike the Tenpenny dream, this dream was less interactive. In fact, I don't think I could be seen by the dream population in this one.

The first one is very simple: it shows my disdain towards the education system in the United States, the high school leadership/popular kids, and Special Education. Seeing a sign of authority explode was my mind telling me that I want to tear neurotypical society a new asshole. It will happen, mark my words. I'm coming. (It's also a reminder about how I got treated by the popular crowd; I got treated more like some kind of fucking asset than a person, just like the real-life C.R.A.S.H. treated various street gangs when it existed)

The second one is also pretty obvious: it's a reminder of the student poverty that I have experienced, and how it continues to affect me today. I always felt that school was like a ghetto, especially for those that hate it with a passion. I'm one of those people.