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my blog2 depression aggression - stevehein - 02-03-2015 09:53 AM

i have been really depressed the past few days. sleeping a lot

now i have just woken up from a nap and i am feeling aggressive - towards adults, christians in particular. american christians in particular x2
i feel destructive. a little violent. a little homicidal which may be better than suicidal -probl is

i have been posting on aces. but 99.9 percent of them there are so mainstream...

99.9 probably believe its ok to hurt human beings who dont obey.

and its ok to let one or two humans pretty much totally control some other human being, known as "their child" for 18 years

18 years

for what crime?

as most of u know here, the crime of being born

18 years


i dont even know now many pple here would vote for giving, say, 14 year olds freedom to move out...

i have talked to a lot of people about this law, saying u are a teen prisoner till 18 and nearly everyone defends it.

what about u guys here?

im curious but i expect to feel discouraged by the replies.

i was thinking tonight again about my idea of a freedom fund.

one huge problem is money. financial freedom.

i know lots of pple who are 18 or over who are not financially free. s they are stuck with, guess who?

and stuck in the mafia groups, ie countries, where they were born into slavery and imprisonment.

but what if there were a smart person who got a law passed saying that it is required to have a fund set up for each child so by the time they are 14 they can live independently if they want to. or go traveling. and passports were freely given. as 'birthrights". and given to 14 year olds.

and we prepared "children" to be responsible. and to be independent and free?

instead of preparing them to be employees and soldiers

RE: my blog2 depression aggression - stevehein - 02-03-2015 10:07 AM

and i forgot to say - adults take themselves way too seriously. they cant take a joke most of the time. they are too defensive, ie too insecure. teens could do better without them. im pretty much convinced of it.