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Greetings from AZSASA in Arizona! - froomens - 01-10-2015 05:33 PM

Hi folks,

My name is Jason and I am an advocate for student freedom in education. I founded an organization called Arizona School-Averse Student Association (mentioned in this thread) whose mission is to empower students, especially those fed up with school, to take back control of their education. I think the chief problem holding most students back is that they don't realize viable alternatives to school exist. Y'all probably don't have that problem, but please read on.

We're a fledgling organization, made up of a few public school graduates and an idea -- but we have big plans and room to grow. We want to have local chapters everywhere with regular meetings, collaborative projects, awareness campaigns, conferences, plenty of opportunities for engagement/involvement/leadership in activism, and maybe even eventually lobby against compulsory education policies! But for now, we're taking things one step at a time.

If you live in/around Phoenix, AZ, please come to our first meeting! Saturday, January 17th from 9:00-11:00 AM at Burton Barr Central Library (downtown Phoenix) in the Lecture Room (facebook). I will be giving a brief overview presentation about how to quit school, the alternatives, college without HS, etc. specific to the Arizonan educational climate. I am seeing if I can get an unschooling parent to come and talk about unschooling as well. Even if you already know this stuff, or are already out of school, I welcome you to come to the event and network with us! Also... there will be free pizza! Razz If you can't make it, we are working on integrating Google Hangouts to allow for virtual attendees. Please note, free pizza will not be available via Google Hangouts.

Oh, and a little about me. I'm 19 years old and in college. Hated school for most of my life. Been through public school 1st-2nd, home school 3rd-4th, private Christian school 5th, public school again 6th-11th, and online school 12th. First heard about "unschooling" when I was 15. At 16, school hate peaked and decided I wanted to be unschooled. Ended up in online school instead. It was okay. The freedom that came with it though was GLORIOUS. After escaping school and unschooling myself I knew I wanted to help others like me get out of school.

I'm new to School-Survival but I've talked to some of you like xcriteria on Facebook/Google+. Good to finally join this site Biggrin

Greetings from AZSASA in Arizona! - SoulRiser - 01-10-2015 11:36 PM

Welcome Biggrin

I'm nowhere near Arizona, but I will share this post on all of SS's social media thingies. Smile