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Venting Thread - brainiac3397 - 07-12-2014 06:36 AM

Traumatic...Truly Traumatic.

RE: Venting Thread - brainiac3397 - 07-12-2014 10:33 PM

(07-12-2014 09:40 PM)SwiftEscudo Wrote:  
Quote:Friendly reminder: I don't want any of your "Constructive criticism" or "advice." I kindly ask the moderators to remove it if there is any. I'm here for VENTING.

guys i'm no moderator but i think y'all be breaking some school survival rules right here

Someone not gonna survive...

Venting Thread - xcriteria - 07-12-2014 11:38 PM

(07-12-2014 06:36 AM)brainiac3397 Wrote:  Traumatic...Truly Traumatic.


"Mocking someone about something important to them" +40% warning level

"Disrespecting original poster's topic request" +20% warning level

"Requiring too much moderator attention (High Maintenance)" +50% warning level

Care to explain?

Venting Thread - brainiac3397 - 07-13-2014 06:18 AM


By the way...all these split threads are making my head spin. It's like an uncontrolled nuclear fission chain reaction.

By the way, I've guilty of those felonies too. I've mocked the OP about this important thread, I've disrespected their requests and an admin has been constantly quoting my posts Biggrin