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My problem with the School System - Batman - 06-07-2014 05:55 AM

Lets start with a story that I need to vent out to start this:

I'm a junior in High School and I'm 17.

Ok So I'm in study hall today, and my friend Kyle, who I have no classes with, is in a different study hall across from mine. We are best friends despite rarely seeing each other in school. Me and him need to fill out a sheet to be able to park on the school parking lot next year, so I want to go to his study hall.

So after I sign into study hall today I walk out of mine towards his. My study hall teacher asks me where I'm going and tells me that I'm "grounded" and can't leave the study hall today. I probably should've just asked her to go to his study hall, but I still don't see why she can control me like this.

She said I was grounded like she is my mom, except my mom is dead and I am an orphan. Another reason I'm pissed at the world.

Now here is where I got really pissed. This 40 year old woman that knows nothing about my life, can control where I am for 40 minutes of a day. And if I disobey her, I will receive a Saturday detention for 3 hours.

TLDR: Why can people (teachers) that know nothing about a student control their life? Why do they have that power?

RE: My problem with the School System - James Comey - 06-07-2014 06:34 AM

Talk about a power trip. Normally I`d call her a bitch, but there`s a good chance she likely has shit in her life as well.

RE: My problem with the School System - Batman - 06-07-2014 06:56 AM

(06-07-2014 06:34 AM)Hansy-E Wrote:  Talk about a power trip. Normally I`d call her a bitch, but there`s a good chance she likely has shit in her life as well.

Yeah I really wanted to tell her to fuckoff. But I'd get a saturday for that and If I wouldn't go to that because thats a bullshit reason. Then i'd get suspended and my aunt would be pissed at me.

My problem with the School System - Ky - 06-07-2014 07:30 AM

Well said, Batman.

The reason she thinks she has that power is the result of a judicial ruling in the United States - "in loco parentis," or, in English, "in place of a parent" dictates that school officials can act as though they were the guardians of the minors within their educational institutions.

The problem with that is:
1. It only applies to the institutions themselves - administrators/principals wield this power, NOT lowly study hall supervisors.
2. Institutions exercising it are not immune to the law; they cannot restrict civil liberties to quite the degree parents can.
3. She believes neither of the two previous statements are true and could very well be violating your rights.

My problem with the School System - Evan92 - 06-07-2014 12:17 PM

I've gotta ask what happens when you turn 18? Are you still obligated to attend school, if so that is fucking awful. If I were you I would try and obtain a GED rather than wasting time on pointless bullshit. I mean good god your almost an adult, why let some bitch control you.

My problem with the School System - Marlena403 - 01-30-2017 08:30 AM

I have a quite similar problem. I have a dumb Pastoral Leader who recently banned me from having favourite teachers and would start being rude to me if she catches me anywhere near my favourite teachers, unless I have a lesson with them. Outside of their lessons, I'm not allowed to even talk to them. And my Pastoral Leader doesn't control me for 40 minutes, but for the whole day and is threatening me with permanent exclusion. I have five favourite teachers and one of them doesn't even teach me, so I need to avoid her at all times. My Pastoral Leader even said that she will give me a detention if I tell someone about how she doesn't let me do anything. This week on Wednesday, she even yelled at me only because I was staring at one of my favourite teachers (The one who doesn't teach me) during a lunchtime detention. And because I have favourite teachers, I can't leave the Learning Support room at breaktime and lunchtime (unless I have a detention, I go to the canteen, or the fire alarm goes off) and when she is not in, the Learning Support room is closed or some kid throws me out, I go and sit next to AF11. Luckily, my stupid Pastoral Leader never found out about this. One day, a girl from Year 8 banned me from the Learning Support room, so I sat next to AF11 and read a book. My Pastoral Leader wasn't in on that day and the day later. Back then, I could go and sit next to AF11, but now that's no longer the case. My Pastoral Leader has told me that she'll spy on me every day. Plus she's only not in school once twice a year and usually goes on the same trips I go to. She goes to the field on Sports Day as well. I feel like I'm not going to do Sports Day this year. I hate PE anyway. Well, she didn't ban me from having ALL teachers as favourites, but she gave me a choice:

1. Have HER and ONLY her as my favourite teacher.

2. Not have favourite teachers at all.

Yeah, she thinks she is the most important teacher in school and that she's above every single teacher, including the Headteacher and all the Deputy Headteachers. She is not. Back in Year 7 and Year 8, I had her as a Form Tutor. After my class got a new Form Tutor and a new Co-Tutor, I thought my Pastoral Leader would be better off as a Pastoral Leader than a Form Tutor, but I was wrong. She's just as bad as she was when she was my Form Tutor.

And she controls me for the whole day instead of 40 minutes.