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Tootsie's Cookielicious Dream Log - tootsie_turtle - 04-11-2014 12:58 PM


Jk.. But here I will put my dreams from the previous night. This is not only to entertain you, but to also try and lucid dream, I've heard dream logs help. I can't really remember anything from last night, so I'll start with one of my funniest dreams... Keep in mind, I was 7 years old at the time.
It all started in a hotel. My family had just checked out, I was looking for something.. A book, I recall. I then bolted to the elevator, picked floor 17. I went into each and every hotel room (For some reason the doors were unlocked) searching for that book. I didn't know what book it was at all, it was just my instincts. Kind of like in the Walking Dead, how zombies just have the drive to eat humans, even though they are not necessarily starving. Anyways, I went room to room, door to door, then I stumbled upon this one room that had a big sign that said "Bubbles." Being a stereotypical seven year old girl, I pressed the big red button below the sign, and bubbles came out. Amused, I pressed it over and over again and oozles of bubbles just appeared in the air. I was frolicking, jumping, skipping, playing, then the last time I pressed the button this miniature, 6 inch tall little cowboy that somewhat resembled Daryl Dixon jumped out and proceeded to scream, "I'm little man!" Then shot me. Huh I then saw a swirl and woke up in the middle of the desert and the smurfs sung happy birthday to me. Nutter Crazy dream, huh?