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friendly rap battle vs sharpie - Potato - 02-27-2014 06:55 PM

Hidden stuff:
sharpie Wrote:Ayo real potato, you just the fifth wheel, don't be a fool yo plan ain't ideal, you can't see that cuz you just kneel, right under my ball sack, y'all run the half-track y'all gotta pull back get back on the dirt track, not on my streetcar track you'll have an asthma attack, yous a literary hack, no skill no-body atcho back, fuck with my clique and you'll be on a losing streak
You talkin i dunno what i be doin, down in dallas, yousa mallice, listen up here, don't mishear, I'm on the tenth tier, y'all think some petty assed cops will arrest me? They'd be blessed by me to be addressed by me, imagine this, i got stopped by a lady cop in my automobile, she said get out and spread yo heels, as she tried to cop a feel, all dressed in blu
blue, boy i'm tellin you, i said what's up to this bitch, she said you all loud in this bitch, i ain't talkin noise i be talkin toys, i see that bong, i told her i see yo thong, i was like a ram gettin' ready to jam the lamb, she whimpered a little when she felt my hand i could feel her getting wet through her uniform. proppin 'er up on that black 'n white, i
i unzipped and slipped on dayum that's tight, i swatted her like no swat team can, and turned her cherry right into jam

potato Wrote:sharpie gets pulled over on the road, he's been a/ weed smoking crazy ass drunk driving nigga/ he freaks out and hides his vagina/ the cop has a little name that is "nina"/ she comes over wanting to get a feel for his balls/ he runs away into a nearby shopping mall/ loses his balance, too much alcohol/ you think you're gangster but we're all saying naw/ i bust this ryhme like a killa but all you do is crawl/ call yourself sharpie, penis's not that big at all/ dick so small it's never even been saw/

sharpie Wrote:real potato, you the type that practice auto-fellatio, yo loss ratio so high you ain't even on the radio, you made it so, don't even try ta grow you ain't got da know fo da sho, lemme take it slow so y'all can understand, I got that flow, be real doe, who you trynna fool, yo girl Soul?
you bust that rhyme like a killa, hell naw you just a punk-ass nigga, while you talk shit my finga on dat trigga