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A message for her - Cianna200 - 02-13-2014 02:20 AM

1. You believe a building where people are locked up 6 hours a day is the most important thing in my life.
I believe the world in which I was born is the most important thing in my life.

2. Your anger and hatred for me lasts forever, but my anger towards you lasts for only a short time.

3. For everyone that I ever hurt I feel guilt and I feel sorry for the pain I caused them.
You however, never apologize and feel what was done was done and oh well...

4. Yes I'm bisexual but before I discovered my bisexuality, I was accepting of the sexually diverse
You believe they all are evil and deserve to burn forever and ever in hell

5. Sure I'm a wiccan and I believe in love and compassion.
You are a christian who believes in anger,torment and control

6. You always throw my age in my face when I do something wrong and accuse everyone of being stupid.
You however am much older than me and yet the most immature person in the house for your cruelty and disharmony

7. You value school over me but I value truth over school

8. You believe you are a sinless and righteous person
I know I'm not perfect, I'm a little magpie and I'm proud to admit it Biggrin

9. Yes I began failing in school but is it because I'm stupid or lazy? Quite the contrare

10. I'm an adult(legally) but I play with my dog and sister as if I were 9.
You try to kill the bonding between us, and you are indifferent towards them

11. No I don't hate you, I can't feel hatred for some strange reason
Why do you say you love me when you treat me so wrong?

12. Your love for me is conditional and totally dependent on obedience
My love is unconditional(I don't stay angry for long but run back to gentleness)

13. I'd rather be an unpopular humble person, than a popular arrogant person.

14. Sure you can keep trying to drag me down, but I'm a good person, not a worthless person for not going to school or being your pawn.

15. I admit once upon a time I was unkind and hateful like you, that was years ago, now I'm a better person.
Why have you clung to hatred for over 40 years? Why not let go for the sake of others and yourself?

16. I expect nothing from you but a better heart, you expect a lot from me that make no sense

17. Do I believe in god? Well of course, just not your god Wink

18. There is more to life than working, go out and have fun!

19. I plan on dying a somebody, and you walk the path of ego

20. Spirituality is the name of my school and it's a lot different from the building where people are locked up 6 hours with no way out, Mahatma Gandhi, and Jesus were students at this school, Why not be one yourself?

My school teaches morality, fun, and a meaningful life, why don't the other schools teach this? A question almost no one can answer

RE: A message for her - xcriteria - 02-13-2014 02:34 AM

You had me thoroughly convinced at item 8, which is the last one I saw before I had to page down. Smile

Very well done. In trope terms, this is a Reason You Suck Speech, if not a (undelivered form of) the more specific Calling the Old (wo)man Out.

RE: A message for her - Cianna200 - 02-13-2014 02:44 AM

Thank you, I'm going to read them

A message for her - Potato - 02-14-2014 01:09 AM

Quote:I plan on dying a somebody, and you walk the path of ego

i loled