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History questions - Raikuron - 09-14-2010 05:00 AM

Since I'm at home I figure I might as well get a bit of work done.

1. Commercial Outpost established in 1607 in the Chesapeake Bay region by a group of men from the Virgina Company

2.The group of "separatists" who landed the Mayflower in Massachusetts in 1620 and settled at a site called Plymouth

3. The movement of English Puritans during the 1630s to the Americas

4. The first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (full name)

5.After leaving Massachusetts, he founded a new colony that eventually would become Rhode Island. (full name)

6. Lord Baltimore established this colony in 1634 for Catholics escaping persecution in England

7. The Dutch West India Company established this colony which included the Hudson River Valley, Long Island, and areas along the Delaware River, eventually to be called New York.

8. He created Pennsylvania as a home for Quakers escaping persecution in England (full name)

9. Founder and governor of Georgia in 1732 (full name

10. Economic policy involving the transfer of wealth from the colonies to England, the "Mother" country

11.This system of forced labor brought many Africans to the southern colonies

12.Witch trials in this Massachusetts town led to the death of 20 people found guilty of witchcraft

13.War between France and Britain from 1754 to 1763, fought in North America

Re: History questions - Thought Criminal - 09-14-2010 05:12 AM