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Why I hate school. - тωιѕтє∂ - 01-12-2013 08:47 AM

Brace yourself, because this is long. Goingcrazy

I'm in middle school now and I had to switch schools because I'm so called "gifted" and the work at my old school was too easy. I would get bored and get in trouble A LOT and it wasn't good. I would always complain about the school to get some of the anger off of me.
But my friends were there. Everyone was just like me, retaining their youth and being silly. Nutter

But even though my new school is up to my standards, it is still bad. I still annoy people, don't pay attention in class, etc. But what makes it worse is the fact that everyone is FUCKING STUPID. Pardon my swearing, but people are complaining about not having boyfriends, everyone is such a goody goody, and I hate over half the people in it. Noo

Starting with my classroom, I have never been surrounded by more nerds in my life. Everyone in my gifted class thinks negatively about me because I'm not as "perfect" as them. But compared to my old school, am I an ANGEL. Giggle

I procrastinate, and my mom thinks I have ADHD. But the things is, the teachers and school board don't give a fuck about procrastination and small disorders such as ADHD, ADD, Bipolar disorder, etc. They only care about serious disorders such as down syndrome. Cuckoo

Now for the whole school. They are fucking retarded. I will show you a whole list of the different people in middle school Popcorn

1. The skinny, spoiled bitch.
They are think the are perfect and are very much like the cheerleaders in those stereotypical movies. Enough said.

2. The nerd.
Most people think that nerds are bullied and ugly, but really they are stuck up and look down at anyone who doesn't know one little tihng.

3. The loner.
These people are the least annoying, get fair grades, but are usually to much of a "freak" to have friends (This is me)

4. The critical bastard.
Closely related to bullies, these guys give everyone critism about every little thing, even though they have many flaws themselves.

5. The emo.
Given up on life. Depressed. No friends. Etc. That's the emo for you!

6. The idiot.
Stupid to an exreme.

7. The happy golucky person.
Everyone has the friend that gets overexcited and loves everyone. These people make good group friends.

8. The best friend.
The best people on earth. They understand you and stick up for you. Always there for you. Usually hang out VERY VERY often. Come in many forms and personalities. Everyone should have one.

9. The psychopath.
This person is very disturbing. Thinks of horrible things. Usually involves blood. May or may not have a soul. (Me also)

10. The bully.
Avoid at all costs. Horrible. Life ruiner. Blah.

There are many different people, but I'm too lazy to write them all down.

Moral: All school suck, just choose the ones best for your education.

Quote: The grass is always greener on the other side.


Why I hate school. - Asder Miller The Second - 01-12-2013 11:57 AM

you described me,i dont get it man,kids at school think im AWESOME i got tons of kids what would love to be my friend,but honestly i like being a loner,i want to have my time to think and be ALONE,meaning (LEAVE ME ALONE MOM AND DAD),i hate being around people,

Why I hate school. - Let's Pretend This Account Never Existed - 01-12-2013 12:10 PM

While I read this, I actually compared multiple people I know at my school to each type of person you described in your post.