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New startup for learning languages! - shonlevi - 04-10-2012 04:58 AM

Hello everybody,
I want to introduce my idea of words learning and hear what you think.

So, I know that many people from all ages need to learn words in some cases of their life, for example, for learning another language, for traveling another country and learn basic words, for doing some test in school or university etc..

When I was a kid it was so hard for me to learn so much words (30 a day for school tests...) an right now I learning for getting accepted by the university, and I need to learn 3000 words in just 1 month.

I found a great mini-game that help me learn that words in little time. like 50 words for 1 hour. and I was wondering if making a website that provide this service will be a good idea.

I want to know what you think - thanks Smile

ps: I start to raise money for that system you can see here more information:
and here our website + facebook fan page:

RE: New startup for learning languages! - Efs - 04-11-2012 01:32 AM

coming soon?
and will you teach only words? And I'm judging that English isn't your first language.

RE: New startup for learning languages! - shonlevi - 04-11-2012 03:29 AM

well yes, my English isn't my first language, but it doesn't matter.
I have the technique, and I raise now that money for building everything. like you see at the first link.
when I will finished to raise the money, I will build the system and pay for people for building the part of the English words. the French, the Spanish, and more...

my goal is to serve languages for everyone. It means that everyone which want to learn some language I will help him do so.
When the site will open it will help to learn just few langauge, but slowly it will grow.


yes, the site will learn only words, but as well it will learn sentences and I learn many languages just with words and sentecnes.
even though mybe at the future I will build a grammer system to the site.


you ask for coming soon - yes. I am designer, and I know to encoding websites. my first language is Hebrew so I can make the Hebrew Pack.
But I need money for the system, and the other languages packs...
And this the reason I introduce now the website. because I need people to intribute for me.
I offer people to intribute for me how much they want, and I will give them a user in the beta + a user who can use the website when it will open.

I hope you help Smile
and you can ask whatever you want... I am glad to answer Smile