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Gatto book gets reviewed on a news site - SoulRiser - 02-18-2006 05:13 AM ... ion_13.htm

Some interesting comments on that page too Giggle

Quote:The school system is total bullshit. It makes for some decent factory workers and thats about it. It is "systematically ruining the lives of children who pass through it."

Get over yourself and admit that your education was more indoctrination than learning. You were doing busy work and being stunted in your development. It feels so good to let go of the lie. Just admit it and move on. It doesn't mean your a bad person because you came out of a crummy situation. It does, however, make you a bad person to defend that lousy situation and say it's OK for others to endure it.

Quote:the system, overall, is designed to process docile human resources, and to provide state-subsidized technically skilled manpower to industry. Any genuine education going on is a glitch in the system.