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Want vs Need - void - 07-28-2007 08:07 PM

Would like to know opinions on what the difference is between the two

..and which is more important: The things u want or the things u need.

Need - Alucard483 - 07-28-2007 08:59 PM

Need is obviously more important than want in my book. Need is things that you MUST HAVE or you will die without.
They come in this order
  • Air- you will be dead in 3-4 minutes without it
    Shelter- You will die within 3-4 hours of uninterupted exsposure (desert and cold)
    Water- You have 3-4 days to live without water
    Food- You have three weeks to live without substancial food
    Contact- A fairly new one to the list of things needed to survive, it was proven that 3-4 months of solitary confinment (no interaction with anyone/thing whatso ever) a person can develope a phycosis commonly refered to as Wilson Syndrom.[/list:u]
    Anything else in life is a want.

- void - 07-28-2007 10:40 PM

Aah. Thanks. Now what are the rest of us supposed to say? Smile

Textbook answer ftw. All of those.. 'cept the last one.. were in
sum dude's pyramid of.. needs? ..or summing. I remember that.

OK, question: Do you believe we can go through life with only
what we need? i.e. live a whole life never getting what u want?

- SoulRiser - 07-28-2007 11:27 PM

void Wrote:OK, question: Do you believe we can go through life with only
what we need? i.e. live a whole life never getting what u want?

you probably could, but what kind of a life would that be?

then again, I guess it depends what you want. like if you wanted to rule the world (or anything else really selfish), maybe it's better you don't get it Razz

- Alucard483 - 07-29-2007 01:00 AM

Yes but it would be a shitty life

- void - 07-29-2007 01:45 AM

Alucard483 Wrote:Yes but it would be a shitty life

I agree. You would survive. ... Not exactly what I'm trying to get at.

I guess it would help to add a little context. Need. The question to ask
is perhaps: What for? You automatically assumed the context to be
'survival'. What happens when you change that to 'being happy', or
even 'quality of life'? What is more important when your goal is to have
a good life? Things u need? Or things u want?

- SoulRiser - 07-29-2007 01:54 AM

void Wrote:What is more important when your goal is to have
a good life? Things u need? Or things u want?

Wouldn't they sort of be the same then, if they're both for the same reason? Unless 'need' and 'want' don't agree on your definition of 'good life'...

- void - 07-29-2007 02:01 AM

I'm being silly

Without the things u need, as you pointed out pretty well.. there is no life.
Also, what you 'need' does not come into play where quality of life is considered.
...nor i suppose, where being happy is considered.

Does this show that you don't 'need' anything to be happy?

- void - 07-29-2007 02:05 AM

...does this mean

Need vs Want translates to: Survival vs Happiness?

- SoulRiser - 07-29-2007 04:01 AM

This is getting confusing...

When I can't think of anything clever to say, I quote other people... Razz

"Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life." -- Burton Hills

Different things make different people happy... but it's not the things themselves that make them happy, it's how they react to it. So yes, you don't technically need anything in order to be happy, but it can help (if it's something important to you). And by 'things' I don't mean just material objects, I mean everything else too.

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." - Mahatma Gandhi

- Suicidal-kun - 07-29-2007 04:14 AM

I think if its a 'need' then you must have it for survival, everything else is a 'want.' You could want something so bad that you feel you need it, but even if you don't have it, its not the end of the world. And some of the things here confused me.

- void - 07-29-2007 06:22 AM

Spot on suicidal dewd(ette)

Safe to say:
Want is associated with happy
Need is associated with survive

Let's go with that for a while.. (Note to self: I'll point out that diff. contexts can apply l8r)

Now that we've sorted which is what.. what is which.. or which whatever.. Huh
Which would u rather? Die happy or live without happiness?

Guy, has diabetes, loves sweets (especially chocolate).
Often when we say: "You shouldn't be eating that, it'll kill you"
He goes: "If I'm eating chocolate when I die, I'll die happy"

I have to say.. I see his point...

P.S. It confused me too

- SoulRiser - 07-29-2007 06:32 AM

I'd rather die happy... but it'd take something more important than sweets though Smile

But that doesn't mean you can't have both.

- WildFire - 07-29-2007 06:37 AM

Im pretty in between sometimes. Id die happy knwoing what i wanted and needed out of like. that wuld be cool.

- youvebeenthunderstruck - 07-29-2007 08:22 AM

The said pyramid you're talking about is Alexander's "Hierarchy of Needs"

- WildFire - 07-29-2007 09:13 AM

Hmm, i couldnt ever agree more.

- SoulRiser - 07-29-2007 09:29 AM

youvebeenthunderstruck Wrote:The said pyramid you're talking about is Alexander's "Hierarchy of Needs"

Google finds a "Hierarchy of Needs" by a guy called Abraham Maslow, but nothing that I could find about any Alexander. It looks... not quite like what we're talking about Razz

(It has "excretion" listed in the bottom bit... yay) Poop

- WildFire - 07-29-2007 09:32 AM

That was weird. Try it with Alexander in the search.

- SoulRiser - 07-29-2007 09:35 AM

That pyramid page linked to this one, though:

At least there's no Poop in there Laugh

- WildFire - 07-29-2007 09:39 AM

We're all glad of that, arent we. Laugh

- SoulRiser - 07-29-2007 09:39 AM

I searched Google for Alexander's "Hierarchy of Needs"

This is the text of the page that came up:

Quote:A hierarchy of needs

Fuck you Maslow!
There’s nothing at the top.
All we have is chocolate.

Instigated by David Alexander @ 8:50 PM


- WildFire - 07-29-2007 09:40 AM

oh my god, thats hilarious, chocolate my ass.

- youvebeenthunderstruck - 07-29-2007 10:29 AM

No, it was Maslow, I forgot.

- Bob Dole - 07-29-2007 11:08 AM ... _needs.svg

- WildFire - 07-29-2007 11:38 AM

Sex, haha. But it is necessary. It's social bonding with your loved one.

- void - 07-29-2007 05:39 PM

oh s#!7... i'm gonna friggin DIE!!

According to that, one needs sex.

...i'm gonna friggin die

Wait, wait. Thats what i was looking for. Its in a different
context here. It's not about survival here. Here it's a more..
general kind of need? The 'Almost bordering on WANT' kind.

[Edit: ..that wiki 'Fundamental Needs' thing screws our lil
discussion right over. They include some 'wants' in their list]

RE: - Darthmat - 07-29-2007 10:22 PM

Need is necasry to live.
Want is to make life enjoyable.
Why do we live? Many have said to enjoy life. I agree with this (religion aside).
What is the porpose of aquiring needs without the wants that make life worth living?
However, you can't always what you want. We have to learn to except that not all of our wants will occur.
So basically, want can't be aquired without needs, but needs are usless without wants and we must learn to balance our wants.

- SoulRiser - 07-30-2007 01:31 AM

As far as I'm concerned, the stuff on that other 'needs' list are more like needs than sex is... but hey, that might just be me Razz

And I agree with darthmat. (scary thought... agreeing with darthmat, that is)

- Guest - 07-30-2007 01:12 PM

The difference between needs and wants is in degree not type. Needs are only the wants we put above all others.

Do we need oxygen to live? Of course. But do we need oxygen? That is a moral matter and not governed solely by cause and effect.

- void - 07-31-2007 01:02 AM

gee.. thanks kirby

for a while i thought i was in the wrong thread...
...way over my head though. Gimme a few sleepless
nights to figure out what u said and i'll get right back
to you. Smile

[Edit: I get the first part.. and i think i agree. If u want
something to an extreme degree, it becomes a need?
..or am i missing the point? ..again. Working on second
part... cheers]