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Robot Apocalypse Versus Power of the People - Conformist - 02-06-2011 02:14 PM

Many countries believe that the government is empowered by the people, and that if the government were to anger the people enough, the people would revolt. The process of governments either getting too powerful or too stupid for their own good has helped in the creation of newer governments and revolutions. This has caused governments to be required to do evil stuff in order to maintain power over the people, and ensure safety from a potential revolt. In the way, the power of the people keeps governments from becoming blatantly evil, and this is where robots come in.
Robots, unless they happen to be Skynet, seem non-sentient, and therefore, if a dictator had an army of robots, he wouldn't have to worry about how the people feel, since power of the people has become power of the robots, which are controllable without any effort besides the manufacturing of them in the first place. Theoretically, a dictator who manages to gain access to an army of robots by convincing the builders that they were going to help the country, or by some other method, would have an army that would effectively nullify the opinions and power people would normally have. The only way to eliminate a potential danger like this would be a device more powerful than the robot army. Otherwise, entire countries could instill fascist governments without any attempt at a revolt.
Do you want that anarchist/communist/fascist/democratic/hallucinogenic based government you have been dreaming of? Militarized robot technology is advancing quickly, and by the time you are ready for the revolution, there may be no humans to revolt against.......
Do you not have enough money for a robot army? The solution is simple. Turn the people into robots. Do you know any cruel institutions that try to prevent free thinking and are strictly enforced?
Act now or forever hold your peace.
Do you think something like this would ever happen? Are there anyways to stop it? Could extreme schooling allow something like this to happen to non-robots? Is there any hope left? Am I asking a ridiculous amount of questions in order to get more replies? Only time will tell.

Re: Robot Apocalypse Versus Power of the People - Elfy - 02-06-2011 03:08 PM

I don't think any government will create an army of robots, at least, not in our time anyway.

There is hope left. Quit your slave job if you have one or never get one. Squat in abandoned houses and live off the waste of the big corporations. Hitchhike and train hop from place to place. Participate in demonstrations and protests. Buy a megaphone and deliver speeches in town centeres, get yourself heard, get others involved. I don't know where you are but in the UK there are big protests and riots every other month. And there are smaller protests almost daily to.

Some people are already robots, brainwashed by the machine. Programmed to obey orders, do as they're told, they dont question. I do believe the world is slowly waking up however. Its only a matter of time, just take a look at Egypt and Greece.

They want to keep you living in fear so they can justify taking more of your freedom away and the people will accept because they think its right.

Maybe some pictures of inspiration from our end...

Hidden stuff:
[Image: pic30.png]

[Image: pic31.png]

[Image: article12906083644170c3.jpg]

Don't give up hope. We were born free, we will live free and we will die free.

Yeah I went a bit off topic. When you said extreme schooling, it reminded me of the dogs in Animal Farm by George Orwell. Taking them at birth to be raised by propaganda and used as body guards...

Going back to the topic of fear and Animal Farm. Napoleon (pig who declared himself leader of farm) always used fear of Farmer Jones to put in place ridiculous laws to take away more of the other animals freedom. But the animals didn't want farmer Jones back, so obviously they obey. This can apply to todays world, terrorism and cctv...

Re: Robot Apocalypse Versus Power of the People - యూజర్ పేరు - 02-09-2011 01:31 PM

If my computer science class has taught me anything, it's that computers are stupid and can only obey an extremely narrow range of specific commands they are programmed to do. There's no way we're going to build robots with free will any time in the near future.

Re: Robot Apocalypse Versus Power of the People - aaaaaaasd - 02-10-2011 12:54 AM

Is it bad that I automatically envisioned Daleks roaming the streets of London Exterminating people

Re: Robot Apocalypse Versus Power of the People - The Desert Fox - 02-10-2011 01:44 AM

BaronVonStrangle Wrote:Is it bad that I automatically envisioned Daleks roaming the streets of London Exterminating people
No; Daleks were the, I'd say fourth thought in my mind when I thought of "Robot Apocalypse".