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2 tales of bullshit - arthasmenethil - 03-06-2008 08:42 AM

This happened at my school. One of my friends recently got in trouble for wearing clothes with the hatchetman symbol(logo for psychopathic records[look it up if you want to know what it looks like]). He has worn shirts with this on it al most all year, and now his teacher gets mad at him? I've seen tons of people at my school where the same stuff and nothing happens to them. What the fuck?

This one at my brother's school. At my brother's school they have a 10 minute break sometime during the day where they can talk buy snacks and stuff, but they can't anymore for the rest of the school year. Here's why: Two girls were cursing each other out at lunch. Don't tall me that's not bullshit. Especially considering two boys in the same grade got arrested at school for having pot. So apperently two guys getting arrested for pot is not as bad as two people cursing each other out? I'm confused.

My mom e-mailed my brother's school about this.

Re: 2 tales of bullshit - tibugg - 03-13-2008 11:04 AM

What do you expect? It's school. It's inherently bullshit. I got a detention for cutting a study hall that I didn't cut...dozens of kids cut study hall all the time by signing in and then just leaving, with the teacher not giving a flying shit. I forget to sign in once in 2 years...and...detention..yay....or should I!

Yea dude...the f-word is SOOOOOOOOO bad!!! I mean there's kids shootin' up and droppin acid in the bathrooms at my school...but saying 'fuck' is SO much worse dude...all it is is a statement of expression....

YAY FOR SCHOOL!!! Upyours Fu Ranting