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Omg Impossible Assignment - The Apathy - 10-16-2008 08:42 PM

Guess what, I have to find a child 6 months -18 months old, watch it and write my term paper on what I observed.

This is a human growth and development class so Im suppose to ask the mother to play/feed/interact with the baby while I write stuff down.
Along with ask the mother to give me hieght/wieght type details

Oh and also I can't let the child see me or I'll ruin the "naturalness" of the situation.

Man being 16 in College is damn wierd!

Re: Omg Impossible Assignment - Puchiko - 10-16-2008 11:27 PM

What is your major and where are you studying? Since college is something you get to choose, I'd just transfer/drop out if you don't like it.

Regarding this particular assignment, you might want to talk to your professor if you find the task to be unaccomplishable. Again, college is not high school, and the professor shouldn't just wave you off.

I don't see what the big deal is though-just ask one of your relatives/acquaintances who's parenting a child that age, and see if you can work out together where's you'll "hide" (with younger children, just "blending in" might do the job).

Edit: The topic has been moved to Homework Help because it belongs there more.

Re: Omg Impossible Assignment - The Apathy - 10-17-2008 12:21 AM

Ok... Rolleyes

Since no one I know has kids I'll have make one myself. Tell me where the sexy ladies are at! ;D

Re: Omg Impossible Assignment - AWOL - 02-03-2009 03:15 PM

Funny, tell your professor that's an unfair assignment as not everyone has the ways and means to do it,

Re: Omg Impossible Assignment - aerftghyjk - 01-16-2010 11:26 AM

The closest thing to this is:

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Re: Omg Impossible Assignment - Loxor - 01-16-2010 11:29 AM

God damnit MM.

Re: Omg Impossible Assignment - Thade - 01-16-2010 11:58 AM

O.o Great you scared me and an 11 year old for life. I could tell his story got cut off too.

Re: Omg Impossible Assignment - aerftghyjk - 01-16-2010 12:17 PM

Thade6596 Wrote:I could tell his story got cut off too.


Re: Omg Impossible Assignment - Loxor - 01-16-2010 12:18 PM

Yeah, or MM could stop bumping threads for little reason.

Re: Omg Impossible Assignment - aerftghyjk - 01-16-2010 12:22 PM

I have BIG reason.