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  so my dad said
Posted by: soli - Today 03:29 AM - No Replies

"i'd be fine with you unschooling and that it's perfectly lawful, and i do trust you to be home alone, i just don't want you home alone and i can't work out of work." (mainly for safety reasons.) (the reason my mom can't be there is bc my mom isn't in texas, nor are my other relatives.)
solutions? i'm trying to look for some like sudbury schools but the nearest one is in austin, and i'm not close at all to austin.

i've also looked for these types of schools here in texas:

but most of them would be me home alone, have a tuition, or none in texas.

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  the most common types of education
Posted by: soli - 03-24-2017 04:38 AM - Replies (3)

public schoolings
- traditional public school
- Charter School
- Magnet/Specialist Schools
- Online School
- Trade School
private and homeschoolings
- traditional
- Online School
- boarding school
- Language immersion school
- Montessori School
- Special Education School
- Parochial School
- Religious School
- Reggio Emilia School
- Waldorf School
- Sudbury School
- relaxed/eclectic
- School-at-home
- Unschooling
- Classical
- Charlotte Mason
- Waldorf
- Montessori
- Multiple Intelligences


as you can see, there are multiple types of school that can fit into 2 categories because they can be done in separate ways depending on if you want cost/child at home/government funding.

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  School Discipline
Posted by: francois - 03-23-2017 12:30 AM - Replies (12)

I have recently joined a school and I believe that they have a ridiculous discipline system. Here is how it goes:

Do so much as ask for a pen (note this includes looking at the person next to you if he or she is talking to you), your name is written on the whiteboard with an 'x' written next to it. Do so much as ask for a pen again and you are issued a 300 word essay divided into 6 sections with questions like:
(1) how were you disruptive in class?
(2) how do disruptive people have a bad effect on our society?
(3) how do disruptive people have a bad effect on the school?
(4) how do disruptive people have a bad effect on your fellow students?

There is no second 300 words, the next sanction is a detention on a Friday. You are given only two detentions before proceeding to be suspended.

If more than one person is being "disruptive" during class, the whole class is requested to stay 5 minutes during break (if the next item on the schedule is break otherwise kept in 5 minutes on the next day where break is the next item) per 15 seconds disrupted.

Am I overreacting or is this school struggling to maintain control and as a result are taking very wrong measures to discipline their students?

Also note that this is a private school that I am referring to.

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  the most homeschool/unschool friendly states
Posted by: soli - 03-21-2017 09:23 AM - Replies (12)


New Jersey

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  Homeschooling with a Single Parent That Works Full Time
Posted by: soli - 03-19-2017 12:35 PM - Replies (6)

how do i homeschool (self school)
i can't do it without "supervision" until i'm at least 16
legal or not
both my counselor and my parent won't let me without solving this issue.
i'm kinda frustrated at them for that r i p
but yeah?
pls help me i am desperate

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  my guidance/school counselor is unhelpful
Posted by: soli - 03-19-2017 09:31 AM - Replies (4)

if you've seen one of my previous posts, i said that my counselor has only told me to do extracurriculars, extra work, and more work i don't need instead of suggesting things i actually need to understand and work at my pace.

are there physical authoritative figures (other than parents) that can help me and my dad decide what is better for me and my education (such as a therapist, or out-of-school counselor that can help me)?

also if y'all could help, it would be great. (the only reason i'm seeing for physical people is that my dad, counselor, and school authorities ignore and sometimes ridicule online advice because "they could be cat fishing/lying/not truly educated".

thank you.

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  How do I get Asha to stop being rude to me in maths (and making the teacher cry)?
Posted by: Marlena403 - 03-17-2017 07:04 AM - Replies (5)

Today in maths, I got into trouble because of Asha. First, Alvin and I were fighting over a girlfriend. Then, Asha told Miss Kasmani that I'm flirting with her. She almost got me in trouble. Then, she swore at me in Polish and I swore back in Albanian. She even tried to repeat those swear words after me:

1. Ma hangsh pidhin

2. Haje mutin

Luckily, she didn't say them correctly. The teacher did nothing (I don't know whether she understands Albanian swear words or not or whether she only ignored it because she didn't want to deal with it). Then, Asha started cracking Yo Mama jokes and I also told her some Yo Mama jokes. Then, Enoch the naughty boy joined in and cracked two Yo Mama jokes at me. He got a C2 (2 Negative points and a sanction). He then stopped and me and Asha carried on. I got sent out of the classroom and got a C2 while Asha got away with accusing me of flirting with Miss Kasmani, swearing at me in Polish and cracking Yo Mama jokes. When I was outside, the teacher was even crying. And she's now crying less often than before because Marian was moved to Set 4 (A.K.A math class for losers) because:

1. He kept yelling "Pablo."

2. He kept yelling out Miss Kasmani's first name (Husna).

3. He threw things around the classroom.

4. He was being racist to Miss Kasmani.

5. He cut the blinds.

6. When 9Green had to go to the theatre to watch Sixth Form students perform, I had to miss maths (With Mrs Sritharan, not Miss Kasmani), so I don't know what Marian did in that class. However, what I do know is that Marian did something rude and Mrs Sritharan got so sick and tired of him that she had to send him to Set 4.

Anyway, when Miss Kasmani allowed me to go back in, I got a C3 (3 Negative points and a lunchtime detention) and I don't even know what I got it for. Later, I wrote two notes:

1. I'm dumb
I'm ugly
And Miss Kasmani
Hates me :'(

2. The only three things I know how to do are:

1. Crying

2. Misbehaving

3. Hugging Ms McCutcheon even though she doesn't like it.

I then had two after school detentions. One with Miss Kasmani and one with Ms McCutcheon. The detention with Miss Kasmani was not only for misbehaving, but for not doing homework as well. The one with Ms McCutcheon was because I failed to attend the detention with her on Tuesday and I was supposed to have it on Tuesday because I forgot to bring my Reading Book to school for Silent Reading. Nothing much happened in Miss Kasmani's detention, except that some kids got told off by Miss Kasmani for giving each other their science homeworks. In Ms McCutcheon's detention, I wrote two more notes. Here they are:

Those are the only three things that I'm good at:

1. Crying

2. Misbehaving

3. Hugging Ms McCutcheon during Circle Time

2. From now on, I'll tie my hands up every Thursday and only my Period 1 teacher can untie them.

When I wrote the second note, Ms McCutcheon asked me why I want to tie my hands up. I said "So that I can't hug you." and she told me that I don't have to because I learned not to hug her. She also said that she knows that I didn't mean anything bad when I hugged her, but I need to remember that it makes some teachers feel uncomfortable. I still want my hands tied up every Thursday, especially that I always sit next to either Ms McCutcheon or Miss Olivero (Today I sat next to Ms McCutcheon) during Circle Time and I always choose to sit next to either one of them.

Also, at my school teachers are now giving stars for acts of kindness to students. The five students with the most stars will go to Nandos and the student who did the kindest thing will get another reward. But it is about KINDNESS and NOT about a trip to Nandos. I have one star at the moment.

There are also new Rookery (A.K.A. School Canteen) arrangements. Year 7's and 10's go during the first half (12:25 - 12:45 PM) on Week 1 and during the second half (12:45 - 1:10 PM) on Week 2. Year 8's and 9's go during second half on Week 1 and during first half on Week 2. Year 11 students can come at any time and students in C3 detention of course will come during the second half. They even added the bell to let students know when the second half is This has been done, because the school canteen was overcrowded. I like the new Rookery arrangements.

Anyway, how do I deal with Asha? I'm sick and tired of her behaviour in maths. Why didn't Miss Kasmani just send her to Set 4? Why does Asha get away with everything? Why does Miss Kasmani like Asha more than me? Why did Asha get 21 stars while I got only one? She didn't deserve any. She is not nice to anyone. Why can't Asha just get cancer and die? Is there anything I can do with her?

I can't believe she even made Miss Kasmani cry. :(

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  Drug "Empires"
Posted by: Swinzler - 03-16-2017 01:15 PM - Replies (8)

So, does anyone else's school have a kind of drug "empire"? I really want to know if this is normal at all because I have some game of thrones tier shit going on behind the scenes at my school, and I just find it fucking bizarre.

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Shocked Please, punish yourself | She still thinks her High School is the best
Posted by: Lucas Gallindo - 03-14-2017 10:16 AM - Replies (1)

Story #1
I wasn't paying attention on the boring history class, I was putting my mind into my notebook. While I was doing that, I needed some information from Google, so I turned my cellphone on. "I must take your cellphone", the teacher said. It was so instantly! Ok, we have all the break for doing this, but it was too instantly! I gave him my cellphone and got angry.
Class dismissed, and the teacher told I could get it back in the reception, so I did it. The employee was going to gimme my cellphone, but she said: "I'll give this to you, but I shouldn't. Martha [the principal] isn't able to talk to you and everything else. She would have called your parents to take your phone instead of you, but I trust you for talking to her later".
I took my cellphone back and got mad. My mom would explode if she were called to go there. But, wait! She, in resume, said that I should punish myself, right? Well, do I deserve this punishment? My against-school moral sais no. So I decided to not go there and everything is ok now.

Story #2
I discussed with the principal Martha about problems I see in the school system, like study overload, self-directed education (people learning things by theirself, like me), and so on.
About the overload, she answered: if you did all your homework, I would admit you're overloaded, but you don't do it.
About self-direct education, she answered: Your parents should contract a psycho-pedagogue.
This is ridiculous!!! I have labyrinthitis crisis because of stress and overload! I have a friend that is in the 3rd High School Year and he started to pass out because of this! And she already thinks that High School is the best of the city (yes, it's known as the best of the city)?
Is she saying there's something wrong with me, just because I wanna learn things by myself and I don't like the fact that I must share my self-directed education time with my teacher-directed "education" (waste of time) and may talk to a psychologist?

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  Aim High School?
Posted by: The man - 03-14-2017 01:41 AM - No Replies

As of now,I should start going there in the fall,your thoughts?
EDIT: their website http://www.aimhighschool.com/

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  hey so
Posted by: soli - 03-12-2017 07:36 AM - Replies (3)

i'm in the "gifted" category of my academy, but it doesn't challenge me at all because the learning pace is too slow for me. i've looked into unschooling and homeschooling, but both i can't do without supervision. my guidance counselor said i won't be able to do a different schooling type and i can't skip a grade. (i'm in middle school) are there other education types that will suit me or i can do (or how to graduate early?)Scratchchin

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  What do teachers do to piss you off? (WARNING: Bad Words)
Posted by: SchoolIsPrison333 - 03-08-2017 10:10 AM - Replies (8)

Haven't posted here in a long time.
What do teachers do that makes your blood boil (piss you off)?

I will say first what they do to piss me off:

One of my teachers bitch about me being on my phone but the teacher texts what I assume is either family or other teachers or friends,
And they have the notification volume on high (or loud).
And now I have this thing that you have to write down (in a notebook) how much time you spent doing work or being on the phone, Is it any of your damn business how long I'm on my phone? NO.
I might as well use stopwatch to record how long the teacher is on their phone just to piss them off.
and another one that really pisses me off is that they rush you to do your work.
Like this: Hurry and do your work! Hurry and write down those answers!
I'm like: SHUT UP!!!

I almost said: Shut the fuck up.
But didn't because school wants me to be "respectful".

That's fucking hilarious considering schools treat students like pre-k (preschool) and then they say some thing to piss you off.

But of course I live in Utah (United States) a.k.a. The all about me state.

and during lunch, I can't go anywhere without telling an aide where I'm going (Not any of their fucking business where I'm going).
I would say going to shove something in your ass but that would definitely get me in a world of shit.

Schools definition of respect (keeping it short): Obey without questioning, Truth comes from authority.

Now go ahead and tell me what teachers do to piss you off.

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  People spread rumours about me
Posted by: Marlena403 - 03-08-2017 04:27 AM - Replies (2)

I was about to post this thread yesterday, but I didn't have time, so I had to post it today.

Yesterday in Maths (Not with Miss Kasmani), I was doing my work, when suddenly, Alvin started spreading rumours about me. He told the class that Mr Thambiah (A math teacher who doesn't even teach me) is my boyfriend. He is not. I do not have a boyfriend. I'm a lesbian. I don't even know Mr Thambiah very well. Then, he changed his name on MyMaths to "My G Alvin" by hacking and said that Miss Kasmani has a son and that she is married to ALVIN. She is NOT married and has NO children. Alvin then asked me where is my ring. What ring? Rings are not allowed to be worn by students at school, especially Year 9 students. Alvin then said that Miss Kasmani has a ring and he bought it for her. Then, two other boys, one named Paymaan, other named Younes told me that THEY bought it for Miss Kasmani. Then, Alvin changed his name on MyMaths to "Marlena is a poopy face" and called me a liar because I told him that Mr Thambiah is not my boyfriend. Mrs Sritharan (The math teacher that only teaches me once a fortnight) told me to stop saying that I want to marry Miss Kasmani. When did I say that? I don't remember saying anything like that in the lesson. I think I said something else and she misheard me. Anyway, when Mrs Sritharan was busy telling off another student for bad behaviour, Alvin changed his name on MyMaths to "Miss Kasmani loves Alvin" and carried on telling people that Mr Thambiah is my boyfriend. He also said that Miss Kasmani is his third wife, that he also married Miss Metson and Mrs Neal and that they are still married to him. Seriously? Since when is it legal to have three wives in the UK? And since when is it legal to marry when you're under 18 or 16 (In the UK, we can marry when we're 16 but with parents' permission, otherwise we must wait until we're 18) in the UK? I then told Alvin to do his work and he said that I'm racist. Does he even know what racist means? How can telling someone to do work be racist?

I wish Alvin could SHUT UP. What do I do with him? Can he do something other than hacking Kerboodle and MyMaths? He doesn't even know what racist means! And what he said about Miss Metson, Mrs Neal, Miss Kasmani and Mr Thambiah was very silly. Alvin should die!

How do I deal with a hacker boy who spreads rumours about me, says silly things about teachers and thinks that telling him to do work is racist?

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  Nagma should GET CANCER!
Posted by: Marlena403 - 03-04-2017 04:18 AM - Replies (6)

And there is a good reason for her to get cancer. Have you read my two threads about Nagma threatening to kill Mrs Neal? Well, today I REALLY think she did it.

We hed to line up outside Miss Samms' English class. Lexi, who is Mrs Neal's student, lined up outside Miss Samms' class, so I decided to line up outside Mrs Neal's class and then go to Miss Samms' class WHEN KIDS STOP PLAYFIGHTING. Instead of Mrs Neal, I saw Mr Bisoon in AF11 (Mrs Neal's class), and now I think NAGMA KILLED MRS NEAL!

At lunchtime, I saw Nagma and yelled at her. She admitted it. She said she did kill her and even laughed.

In History, I told the teacher and Nagma said she didn't do anything and said she'll report me.

In Key Skills, Nagma came into the Learning Support room and tried to report me, but my Pastoral Leader told her to get out. Seriously?! WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO GET ME PUNISHED FOR A CRIME THAT SHE COMMITED?!

After school, I went to A block and stopped by AF11 to look for dead bodies. I could look through the glass on the door, but I couldn't come in as I didn't want to leave footprints or fingerprints and because of that, I couldn't check behind Mrs Neal's desk. I didn't find Mrs Neal's dead body anywhere and behind Mrs Neal's desk was the only place I didn't search as I couldn't go inside the classroom, so I'm not sure whether she's dead or not.

Then, when I was on the bus, a boy from my English class asked me questions like "Who is Mrs Neal?", "Who do you like more? Miss Kasmani, Miss Metson or Mrs Neal?" and "If you like Miss Olivero, why were you removed from her lesson?" First off, Mrs Neal is (or was. I'm not sure whether she's still alive or not) an English teacher and the Head of English Department at my school. Second of all, not Miss Kasmani, not Miss Metson and not Mrs Neal. I like all three of them the same. Third, the reason why I don't go to Miss Olivero's English lessons anymore is because my Pastoral Leader removed me from that class because I was flipping tables. The boy told me to persuade my Pastoral Leader to send me back to that class. I can't go back to that class even if I wanted to. I still see Miss Olivero in Registration every day as she is my Co-Tutor. The boy later told me that Mrs Neal is not dead I will see her on Monday. Even if she's alive, I will not see her on Monday because she has Mondays off. But if I find out that she IS dead, I'll seriously get Nagma arrested. I always keep wondering why no one ever made such threats about Miss Samms. I hope Nagma gets cancer.

Do you think Mrs Neal is dead? I'll be really upset if she is.

Oh, and one more thing. Should I go back to Miss Olivero's English class, even though it's only once a fortnight? If yes, how do I persuade my Pastoral Leader to put me back there?

By the way, even though Miss Olivero teaches Year 9 students Englush once a fortnight, she is not an English teacher. She is a Latin teacher.

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  I hate English class
Posted by: Marlena403 - 03-03-2017 05:03 AM - Replies (1)

Today before English, Lexi, a naughty boy from Mrs Neal's English class pushed Ashvin (From Miss Samms' class) on me. I fell on the floor and screamed. Thank God Miss Samms wasn't there yet, cause she would have yelled at me if she heard me scream. When I got up, Rechan, another naughty boy (Not sure from which English class) pushed Ashvin on me and I hit the radiator. I walked away to Mrs Neal's class and Miss Samms had to get me to come to her class. Mrs Neal had an appointment (At least I think she did cause I didn't see her in her class during Period 3 but saw her after English), so the class had a cover (substitute) teacher and I didn't want to go inside. I didn't want to go into Miss Samms' English class either because of the monkeys (my classmates). However, I had to. When I came in, we were singing "Happy Birthday" because it's Miss Samms' Birthday today. The only good thing that happened today at Period 3. Later, I had to go to Welfare BECAUSE OF THE STUPID MONKEYS PUSHING ME ON THE RADIATOR! Then, I wrote a note about how Mrs Neal's class is better than Miss Samms'.

This is what I wrote:

"I don't like this class. Kids treat me like dirt all the time. Lexi went to my class only to hurt me. People in Miss Samms' English class cannot even line up properly! Lexi is not in Miss Samms' class anymore, WHY THE HELL DID LEXI GO TO MY CLASS?! Miss Samms' class is so bad that I don't want to be there anymore. I would go to Mrs Neal's class today if she was in. But she's not in. I want to be in Mrs Neal's class next year! If I don't get Mrs Neal as a teacher next year, I'll get angry and my blood will flood! Kids in Mrs Neal's class can behave and they are not monkeys, unlike the kids in Miss Samms' class. If I had Mrs Neal, I would not be pushed around, even by Lexi because he goes to Miss Samms' class when he's supposed to line up quietly outside Mrs Neal's class. I was gonna move to Mrs Neal's class ages ago! Why the hell was I sent to the class with monkeys?! I hate monkeys! I want to go to a classroom with better table arrangement, better teacher, better students and better everything! Put me in Mrs Neal's class! Now!"

After English, it was Science. In Science, I was supposed to make a title page for forensic science, but wrote about why I want to move to Mrs Neal's English class. I got a warning, but thankfully, no negatives.

How do I deal with those "Monkeys?"

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  I need some practical advice on how to drop out or anything of the sorts
Posted by: Creeoer - 03-02-2017 01:37 PM - Replies (4)

First a little background, I'm a depressed, insecure sophomore in a private, religious school which pretty much caused this dilemnia in the first place. I'm also a natural self-teacher and I learn stuff at a pretty accelerated pace, I want to become a software engineer for a living.

As you guessed it, school is pretty much the exact fucking opposite way I learn how to do shit. Locked in a bland-ass building for 6 and a half hours straight, not even getting paid, working towards arbitrary goals only to know that next year more shit will be thrown at you. And on top of all that none of the information has any real life practical purpose! I guess it's to discipline you?? Is that it?? How about discipline me with some real fucking information or interests of my choice, not some shit you pulled out of your ass because the last 5 generations did the same thing. Oh yea, I also need to take religious ed classes even though I lost faith a while ago, and I'm in honors so the workload leaves me more stressed out (ap classes). Classes I did fine in freshmen year I'm practically failing now, even to the point where I may be kicked out of the school.

The amount of shit I learned out of school vs. in school is like night & day. I can't say I didn't learn anything at all in school, but I could've learned the exact same shit in 3 days, such a waste of time and my youth.

The only things that make this shit bearable to the point where I actually have motivation to get out of bed are my fair circle of friends and extracurriculars. But even those don't outweigh the cons.

It isn't working anymore , I was able to fake my way through freshmen year but I'm officially burnt out as hell, my grades are getting shittier by the week, I'm about to drop out of honors and potentially fail the school and I feel like a complete fucking "failure" even though I could make some real life use of myself if I just had the fucking chance to ffs. When can I skip this bullshit and just go to fucking college already holy shit.

I don't know what path to take that my parents would allow me to take. I can't get a GED since they said that only "ghetto people" get those. I can't drop out, I can't go online to get my credits, I can't go to an alt high school, I can't transfer but I wouldn't want to anyway since I'd still end up in a high school, I can't do fucking shit I have 0 CONTROL over my own life and it's fucking pathetic. I seriously need to leave that building and get my life back together and just work towards my actual goals, but I'm too exhausted to be able to do anything. Trust me if I wasn't I'd probably be across the country by now from running. If nothing changes soon I may just attempt to suffocate myself on my bed.

To anybody who read this far, I thank you immensely for your time and would appreciate some replies to this post on some potential paths to take when you can. Thanks.

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  Alternative for Repeating Year 11?
Posted by: nanhee_suweggg22 - 03-02-2017 12:01 AM - Replies (3)


So I wouldn't elaborate too much on the personal details, but basically, is there any other alternatives rather than repeating the WHOLE year for Year 11?

I live in Western Australia and my semester one grades were good but things eventually get a bit bumpy during semester two and I was diagnosed depression and anxiety. They're telling me to repeat year 11 and I don't want to repeat the whole year because I don't want my peers to see me especially that they'd recongise me for being one of the top students once in my batch.

Please help me. Can I somehow re-do the semester two only? Please anything but repeating year 11 will do :(

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  This forum might be interested in an old TV series called Radio Free Roscoe
Posted by: chris3991m - 03-01-2017 09:13 PM - Replies (1)


Quote:Radio Free Roscoe centred on four high school students — plucky Lily, goofy Ray, thoughtful Robbie and brainy Travis — who, dissatisfied with the dogmatic propaganda on their school’s radio station, form their own underground station as an alternative.

If this were a typical teen show, that feature might have been abused in the name of petty hijinks, but instead, RFR’s DJs aimed their magnifying glass at anything that threatened their freedom to be themselves, from the oppressive politics of lunchroom cliques to their school administration’s ban on headphones.

My recommendation: Watch seasons 1 and 2 only, because they are the ones that focus on the issues. The others aren't that interesting. This TV show probably couldn't exist today because we live in an era of censorship and political correctness.



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  My Long-Ass Rant About My School
Posted by: Sadly_Not - 02-28-2017 01:54 PM - No Replies

can i please rant for a bit about my school?

my school, for being a catholic school and all and is supposed to nurture the faith and all that...does a shockingly horrible job at it. in fact, the religion department’s attitude has turned people away from the catholic faith.

my sister who was a lukewarm catholic when she enter as a freshman, is now completely cold towards the faith as a junior. i will be honest, the same thing has been happening to me due to how they try to ‘foster’ the faith.

the freshman day of recollection is the absolute WORST day i ever had there thus far. they have the same talks and a skit which year after year have caused students outright mental breakdowns and panic attacks. i am not exaggerating i was in the bathroom trying to avoid everyone and this girl comes in sobbing due to that shitty skit. then one of the creepy sisters that my dad has told me to outright avoid, pulls me into her office and tries to get me to talk about the problems in my heart. i wanted to die, outright die, that was so mentally distressing and o my god. this was one of the only days were i considered outright running out of the building, screw the consequences, attendance was mandatory and if you didn’t attend, you would be forced into a ‘makeup session’

another thing is the Lumen Christi club which has been dubbed as the ‘Jesus Cult’ by some people. they have one hundred people at MOST in their club/cult. however they love to force the other eight hundred of us to move our schedules around for meetings that could have been easily scheduled some other time . they also put pieces of paper saying things like’ if you judge someone you don't have the time to love them’ on every single locker in the school without any of the user’s of the locker’s permission.

the religion classes are not good there either. my dad who works there says there's a reason why the religion department has never had a teacher from there win the teaching award. the content makes it uninviting to try to learn about the faith, it's way too dense and hard to be reasonably learned by a high school student . i mean one religion teacher says that taking birth control is the same as having an abortion! like what? christ im all for no abortions but how can you say something so wrong and stupid?

another thing is that the head honcho of the religion department sends out these emails. i want to share a funny one with you all. the email is for a retreat ya see? and the email says ‘all are welcome’. then one sentence later its says:

1) girls only

2) no freshman

so all are welcome but not really? what?

she also sent out emails telling us of the bishop’s birthday and lets just say that we don't have a very good bishop... he’s the bishop who essentially called obama the spawn of satan. i don't like obama either but he doesn't deserve to be called by such a vile title.

our service hours have to follow these really strict guidelines. essentially you MUST have human interaction during your service hours. you cant work with animals or help clean up, you must serve talk and serve people directly...UNLESS its for a religious themed thinger (like me in choir, luck ducky) like for the mission trip lumen christi outright said you can just move boxes down there and have it count for service hours. there is literally no other time in which that would count. the mission trip is also allowed to be an overnight trip, breaking a diocese wide rule that there can be no overnight field trips. this is literally a week down in florida but god forbid if a history class stays two days in state for a particularly hefty field trip. this same diocese also took away our eighth grade field trip for no good reason..(my 8th grade hm teacher was pretty crushed over that i think...)

anyway sorry for all the grammar mistakes and wasting your time. i just needed to get this off my chest.

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  i hate school so much..
Posted by: lonelypanda - 02-28-2017 10:42 AM - Replies (3)

I used to live in central america and im half asian half latin
I was raised there and i was born in central america and so i moved to the states 3 months ago and i started school like in the middle of it. I really liked going to school back in central america but now since i moved to the states i really hate it so much that i sometimes want to kill myself. At first it was really hard to make friends since everybody already had their friends but i did make some friends. I have lunch buddies but they're not that close to me i just sit there and keep quiet. i dont talk at all.

my math class is an applied math. its for those who failed. im a freshman and all of the ones in applied math are juniors and seniors i feel so uncomfortable because im the only freshman and im literally learning word problems i should be learning algebra. i talked to my guidance counselor but she hasn't changed my math schedule so idk what to do anymore.

when i recently started school i felt really depressed for some reason but i dont know why but i knew that i didn't like school i hate it so much. i wanted to go back home and hug my friends. im barely passing my math class. I've talked with many people about this but they keep saying im going to be used to it and that its always like that when you recently move to another country and start all over again. but i really hate school, i hate taking the bus to school, i hate the classes, i hate the school lunch. the only time im happy is when im taking the bus way home. and then i get home and then i get all depressed thinking about how tomorrow theres school. i really want to kill myself.

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